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By B. Griffiths

The Syriac Shimo translated into English.

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I have remembered by n�ght your worsh ipful and holy name, and I have r isen to g ive thanks to you· and to praise you, 0 lover of men. nned, Lord, and you have not taken vengeance upon me; I repen t and you have received me: let your mercy be moved towards me, and pardon me all that I have sinned against you. You who hear and do not disregard, who answer and save and del iver, let your mercy be moved towards me, and pardon me all that I have s inned against you. My offences are many and at the seat of judge· ment behold they confront me; 1Gt your mercy be mvved towards me and pardon me all that I have sinned against you.

The prophets sowed in suffering, the apostles reaped in joy, and the doctors qathered a harvest full of joy. Holy martyrs, servants of the most Htqh God, may your prayers be for us a high wall and a house of refuge. The martyra saw the Son, who extended his hands on the cross, and surrendered their necks to every torture because of his love. or Penitence The Lord is faithful in his words. Your holy mouth has promised and said: coll and I will answer; knock and I will open, Your promise does "ot Jail.

Our Saviour heard the voice of the groaning of the dead on the top of the tree on Golgotha, and was moved to descend and break the yoke of death from the necks of those who slept, halleluia, and to comfort them. Cluqllon Blessed is he whose iniquity is forgiven, halle­ luia, and whose s ins are hidden : Blessed is the man whose s in the Lord does not reckon, halleluia, and there is no deceit in his heart. Because I was silent, my bones wasted away, hallelula, while I cried out all the day. BAMSKO 05 K05DAY Because nioht and day your hand was heavy upon me, halleluia, and my s ickness tumed w ithin my breast to destroy me.

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