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By David Gemmell

The Drenai stronghold had fallen. Now blood-hungry Nadir hordes unfold desolation and melancholy throughout the entire lands...
...even tiny Gothir, the place slavers seized a tender lady whereas the villagers appeared the opposite way--all however the peasant boy Kiall. His not going rescue try out may lead around the savage steppes and on during the Halls of Hell. The formative years might face ferocious beasts, lethal warriors, and demons of the darkish; he might emerge a man--or no longer emerge at all.
But Kiall wouldn't face those hazards on my own. Heroes out of legend joined his quest: Chareos the Blademaster, Beltzer the Axeman, and the bowmen Finn and Maggrig. And one amongst their corporation concealed a mystery that can loose the realm of Nadir domination. That one was once the Nadir Bane, the desire of the Drenai. That one was once the Earl of Bronze.
Thus did a look for a stolen slave woman turn into a quest that might shake the very international.

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F I R S T M EETING As the PCs leave the cairn and move about 50 feet up the stairway, they see a pair of floating eyeballs and a pair of floating, skeletal hands. Both the eyeballs and the hands glow with a greenish color. Those using detect invisibility, true seeing, or a similar spell can see the creature’s entire form: the blackened skeleton of an elf draped with shards of rotting flesh. Wichtlin: AC 2; MV 9; HD 4 + 4; hp 31; THAC0 15; #AT 2 (hands); Dmg left hand causes victims to become paralyzed for 2d4 rounds unless victim rolls successful saving throw vs.

Dirryl believed that if he could unravel the mysteries of the mind and learn how memories, thoughts, and emotions are generated and processed, he could learn to cast spells at staggering levels of power. Unfortunately, his investigation of the mindspin spell backfired and killed him, destroying his home in the process. The spirit of Dirryl has been trapped in a physical manifestation of the mindspin spell for nearly a century. Dirryl acquired the yellow cindergem, sent here from the past by Erestem, from a travelling jewelry dealer.

While the party explores the temple, Gurroch attempts to hack his way through the roof (see the indicated area of the map), planning to surprise the party and chase them out the front door where the chulcrix can intercept them. However, the magical nature of the ice (see the “About the ice Temple” section) prevents Gurroch from breaking in; Gurroch’s situation changes later, as explained in the “The Shattered Sphere” section. Assume that while the party explores the temple, they won’t be aware of Gurroch’s break-in attempt.

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