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By Heinz P. Bloch, Claire Soares EMM Systems Dallas Texas USAPrincipal Engineer (P. E.)

Procedure Plant equipment presents the mechanical, chemical or plant engineer with the knowledge had to opt for gear most suitable for a specific approach, to figure out optimal potency, and to behavior uncomplicated troubleshooting and upkeep techniques. strategy Plant equipment is a special single-source reference for engineers, managers and technical body of workers who have to gather an realizing of the equipment utilized in smooth procedure vegetation: top movers and tool transmission machines; pumping apparatus; gasoline compression equipment; and combining, conveying, and separation gear. beginning with an summary of every type, the booklet speedy leads the reader via functional functions and dimension concerns into profusely illustrated part descriptions. the place priceless, common thought is expertly defined in shortcut formulation and graphs. Maintainability and vulnerability issues are handled in addition. totally up to date with all new gear availableComprehensive CoverageMulti-industry relevance

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All of these methods of transmitting power between cylinders, cones, and flat surfaces involve rolling motion. When shafts cross (one above the other), the friction wheels may be cylindrical or may be of hyperbolic cross section. The gears developed on these surfaces are helical (Figure 2-5) or hypoid (Figure 2-6). In neither case will there be pure rolling action, because when shafts are crossed there is unavoidable side-slip between the surfaces of the wheels. It is important to appreciate that the type of contact that occurs between the surfaces of friction wheels will also be the type of contact that will occur between the meshing teeth of the corresponding gears.

PULL-UP TORQUE ACCELERATING TORQUE / / 1 / J ,' 1 111 ! ,r '/A Y/ '//J '//, Y/ //J_... t 0 I ! LOAD TORQUE REQUIREMENT 1800 RPM FIGURE 1-16 Speed-torque characteristics of induction motors started at full voltage. ) If the load-torque requirement ever exceeded the maximum torque capability of the induction motor, the motor would not have enough torque to accelerate the load and would stall. , 170 percent load torque versus 140 percent pull-up torque, the motor would not increase in speed past the pullup torque speed and would not able to accelerate the load.

Stepped gearing predates helical gears. , New Orleans, FIGURE 2-13 Helical gears. ) called helical gears (Figure 2-13). The angle of twist (helix angle) may range from about 20 degrees to 45 degrees. The helix angle is selected so that several teeth will be in mesh at the same time. Even if only two of these helical teeth are in mesh, a very smooth transfer of power results. As the helix angle is increased, the number of teeth in simultaneous contact and the smoothness of tooth engagement are correspondingly increased.

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