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By William Henderson, J. Scott McIndoe

Cotton S. / Коттон С.
Henderson W. / Хендерсон У.
Komiya S. / Комия С.
Lawrence G.A. / Лоренц Дж.А.
Muller U. / Мюллер У.
Rehder D. / Редер Д.
Список книг: Amouri, H. / Амури, Х. - Chirality in Transition steel Chemistry. Molecules, Supramolecular Assemblies and fabrics (Inorganic Chemistry - A Textbook sequence) / Хиральность в химии переходных металлов. Молекулы, супрамолекулярные ансамбли и материалы (Неорганическая химия: серия учебников Wiley)
Cotton S. / Коттон С. - Lanthanide and Actinide Chemistry (Inorganic Chemistry - A Textbook sequence) / Химия лантаноидов и актиноидов (Неорганическая химия: серия учебников Wiley)
Henderson W. / Хендерсон У. - Mass Spectrometry of Inorganic, Coordination and Organometallic Compounds - Tools-Techniques-Tips (Inorganic Chemistry - A Textbook sequence) / Масс-спектрометрия неорганических, координационных и металлорганических соединений (Неорганическая химия: серия учебников Wiley)
Komiya S. / Комия С. - Synthesis of Organometallic Compounds - a realistic consultant (Inorganic Chemistry - A Textbook sequence) / Синтез металлорганических соединений (Неорганическая химия: серия учебников Wiley)
Lawrence G.A. / Лоренц Дж.А. - creation to Coordination Chemistry (Inorganic Chemistry - A Textbook sequence) / Введение в координационную химию (Неорганическая химия: серия учебников Wiley)
Muller U. / Мюллер У. - Inorganic Structural Chemistry (Inorganic Chemistry - A Textbook sequence) / Структурная неорганическая химия (Неорганическая химия: серия учебников Wiley)
Rehder D. / Редер Д. - Bioinorganic Vanadium Chemistry (Inorganic Chemistry - A Textbook sequence) / Бионеорганическая химия ванадия (Неорганическая химия: серия учебников Wiley)

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It should be noted that this phenomenon only occurs with very unstable ions, since the ion kinetic energy at this part of the scanning cycle is very low. If an ion fragments while scanning is underway, it will be ejected immediately (at slightly lower rf potential than the intact ion), and it will appear at slightly lower mass. The ions contained within the ion trap can react with any neutral species present through ion-molecule reactions. Most frequently, the neutral species will be water. Chemists should be alert to this possibility.

The same strategy can be used to produce [M]þ/– from its dimer, [2M]2þ/– References 21 have very similar chemistry and whose isotope patterns frequently overlap with their neighbours). If the two components can be identified separately the isotope patterns can be calculated and combined in the appropriate proportion to model the experimentally observed pattern. Overlap of patterns when both components are unknown can be very difficult to unravel, and sample purification before reanalysis is probably the best way to proceed.

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