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The decisive proof for this reaction route came from the application of in situ techniques to determine spatially resolved species and temperature profiles inside the reactor. , 2007, 2006). , 2010). Since natural gas contains higher alkanes and other minor components besides methane, conversion and selectivity can be influenced by these other components. , 2009). Before substantial conversion of methane sets in, most of the heavier hydrocarbons are fully converted. , 2011; Rostrup-Nielsen and Hansen, 1993; Wei and Iglesia, 2004; Xu and Froment, 1989a,b).

Under these assumptions, the time scales of the channel flow are decoupled from the dynamics of the temperature of the solid, and the following procedure can be applied: A transient multidimensional heat balance is solved for the monolithic structure, including the thermal insulation and reactor walls, which are treated as a porous continuum. This simulation of the heat balance provides the temperature profiles along the channel walls. At each time step, the reactive flow through a representative number of single channels is simulated, including detailed transport and chemistry models.

DR, using CO2, is especially discussed in the context of the useful processing of a greenhouse gas in the chemical industry. Since the reaction is slow, it currently does not play any role in fuel processing for fuel cell applications. 2 Methanol Steam reforming: The thermodynamic equilibrium composition of methanol– steam mixtures exhibits a maximum yield of H2 at S/C $ 1. , 1985). CH3 OH þ H2 O ! , 2005). SR of ethanol, C2 H5 OH þ H2 O ! , 2000), C2 H5 OH ! CH4 þ CO þ H2 ; DH0298 ¼ þ49kJmolÀ1 ; (21) and to the formation of numerous by-products, such as ethylene, C2 H5 OH !

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