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Control any bleeding and cover open wounds. Treatment fo r crushing more than 1 5 minutes • DO NOT release the casualty. • Dial 999 for an ambulance. Give clear information about the incident. o • Monitor Airway and Breathing until help arrives. Inte rnal bleeding Internal bleeding is a very serious condition, yet can be very difficult to recognise in its early stages. Internal bleeding can be as a result of injury, such as lung or abdominal injuries, yet can also happen 'spontaneously' to an apparently well patient, such as bleeding from a stomach ulcer or a weak artery.

Febrile convulsions In young children and babies the area of the brain that regulates temperature (the hypotha/amus) is not yet fully developed. This can lead to the core temperature of the body reaching dangerously high levels (page 42) and commonly a child in this situation may fit. A febrile convulsion can be very frightening for the parents of the child. During the 'tonic' phase of the fit (page 4B) the child may stop breathing, because the diaphragm goes rigid, and the lips and face may go blue (cyanosis).

Car accident or knocked down). g. crushing, or collapsed rugby scrum). • Multiple injuries. • Pain or tenderness in the neck or back after an accident (pain killers or other severe injuries may mask the pain - beware). • OR: if you are in any doubt. The spinal cord travels through the centre of the spinal column. Nerves emanate from each vertebrae in pairs. ID Injuries to bone, muscles and joints Possible signs and symptoms of spinal injury Remember - If some of these signs and symptoms are present, nerves may already be damaged.

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