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Finally Gronquist broke the silence. "It seems the only thing we know for certain is that we have a real mystery on our hands. Shortly before midnight, the imposter began his practiced drill to abandon the jetliner. The air was sparkling clear and the dim smudge that was Iceland rose above the flat, black horizon line of the sea. The small island country was outlined by a faint but eerie display of greenish rays from the Aurora Borealis. He was oblivious to the dead men around him. He had grown used to the smell of blood and it no longer sickened him.

They were armed with bows and arrows, shields of leather hide and spears with chipped obsidian points. Some gripped clubs of rock tied to short wooden handles. The men wore only waistcloths. They stood in stony silence, expressionless, savage, and as ominous as an approaching storm. " Noricus shouted. Venator turned, his face ashen. " His voice was vicious with anger. " Then he dropped to his knees and began to pray. "Your divinity will not Turn the barbarians into sheep, old man," Severus said sarcastically.

Venator shook his head disbelievingly. " Venator's eyes widened in sudden defiance. "No sacrifice is too heavy for what we have achieved. All would be for nothing if we did not return with a record and chart of the voyage. " Severus was about to reply when he observed his second in command, Artofius Noricus, running up the slight grade toward the tent. The young legionary's dark face glistened in the noonday heat, and he was gesturing up at the edge of the low cliffs. Venator held up a hand to ward off the sun and stared upward.

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