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The motions were accomplished mechanically. That was good, Somala thought. The man was bored. So much the better if the time came for an assault. He angled the binoculars toward the dense elephant grass smudged with thick clumps of shrub that made up the snaking boundaries of the farm. He almost missed it. He would have missed it if his eye hadn't caught a lightning-quick glint from the sun's reflection. His instinctive reaction was to blink and rub his eyes. Then he looked again. Another black man was lying on a platform above the ground, partially obscured by the fernlike leaves of an acacia tree.

I was afraid of taking a wrong turn in the dark. ” “Forget the title. ” “I hardly expected you to answer my inquiry in person. ” Steiger gave a wide grin. ” “I'm killing two birds with the same stone, so to speak. One, I'm scheduled to speak next week at Chanute Air Force Base, in Illinois, on aircraft safety. ” “You're more than welcome to bunk with me. ” “Mr. ” Steiger nodded and produced an old leather briefcase. He unzipped the sides and passed Pitt a stapled folder. “The status report on Air Force Boeing C-ninety-seven, number 75403, commanded by a Major Vylander.

Several items don't jibe. To begin with, our unaccounted-for passenger still has flesh on his bones. The others were stripped clean decades ago. This indicates, to me at least, that he died long after the crash. Also, he was tied hand and foot to the cargo tie-down rings. ” “The whole scene reeks of it. ” “Okay, let's take what we know to be true,” said Steiger. "The aircraft with serial number 75403 exists not where it is supposed to. But nonetheless it exists. “And I think we can safely assume the original crew sits down there in the wreck,” Steiger continued.

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