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That DIHR’s reporting requirements and other administrative demands are available and understood by the partners’ managers and financial officers. 5. That there are written summaries of all external scanning, SWOT, or other analytical exercises fed into this planning process. 6. That DIHR Country Strategies based on this contextual assessment are prepared in conjunction with local partners and are shared with local partners. 7. That written records are kept of self-evaluation exercises on the partnership, with problems and issues clearly prioritised, and that these are shared between both partners.

12. Have progress reports been discussed with the partner, including the analysis carried out by the partner as well as possible redirections? Human Rights Indicators at the Program and Project Level 41 Preparation of the project Before starting it is essential to obtain agreement about what the project is all about and to divide the areas of responsibility between the partners, thus obtaining ownership of the project. For instance, it must be clarified what role DIHR shall have in monitoring. These are preconditional steps for monitoring.

Danida, 2006a, p. 4, based on OECD/DAC, 2002, p. 27-28 36 Claus C. Rebien: “Træk af evaluaeringsdisciplinens udvikling” [Traits of the development of the evaluation discipline], Den Ny Verden, (31), 1, p. 20-33. DIIS, Copenhagen 1998, p. 22-24; Egon C. Guba and Yvonna S. Lincoln: Fourth Generation Evaluation, Sage Publications, Newbury Park, London, New Dehli 1989. 36 Erik André Andersen and Hans-Otto Sano The definition adheres to a concept of monitoring which is employed in development contexts.

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