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Women would worship him. Call him God or Master or anything he wanted just for a touch, a look, a smile. And hes mine. Maggie smiled dreamily. Come to bed, baby. I need a hug. Stay here, he said. The warning in his voice made her bolt upright. What is it? Those demon senses tingling? Promise me, Maggie, that you willstay here. He ran to the door, flung it open. Im not promising you shit. She jumped to her feet, grabbed the moon scythes, and followed Raphael. Chapter 8 Maggie couldnt catch up. No doubt Raphaels demon powers gave him speed as well as strength and morphing capabilities.

Damian had returned! Damian! she cried and hurried across the few feet that separated them. Hes not D. Her soul howled in despair, but instinct kicked in and she grabbed her jeweled knife, pounced on him. In an instant, shed brought him to the floor. He looked like Damian. The same slope of the eyes, the same strongjaw, the same nose with a tiny crook in the middle. His eyes were an intense blue, the color of the summer sky, and they swirled with amused resentment. The knife hovered against his throat, not quite touching.

I dont want to hurt you. That cant be helped, saidRafe . He tossed the panties and the remote onto the bed then shucked off his jeans and smiley face boxers. For such a bad-ass, his choice of underwear never failed to crack her up. Raphael reached into the drawer one more time before closing it. Were going to hurt each other. Were human. Well, mostly human. Well just make sure that love heals the wounds inflicted. As long as love is stronger, well be okay. Youre so romantic, she teased, that my heart is goingpitty -pat just listening to you.

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