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By Terence O'Connell

Have you ever misplaced a friend? The loss should be inestimable, the grief excruciating. What helped you? Did anyone say whatever comforting? Did somebody provide a comfort, that you resented?

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How can that be? ” Jeff replied, “I agree that a person should have many goods rather than few. ” Jeff attempted an explanation, “Another reason that I’m more disturbed by my mom’s losses entailed by death than any losses she suffered in life is that my mom’s losses in life happened a while ago, whereas the losses entailed by her death are fresh and even ongoing. If she were alive now, she could enjoy what this moment has to offer. If she were alive tomorrow, she would have been able to enjoy what tomorrow has to offer, and so on.

Certain expressions to the contrary, as when grievers lament ‘We shall never see each other again,’ grievers are really only responding to the loss of that person for the next several years, not for all future time. ” Jeff responded, “It’s true that a remote evil is not any less evil than a recent one, but sometimes one should respond more strongly to one evil rather than another even if they are equally bad. And I think that temporal proximity might be a reason for responding more strongly. Not only should one respond more strongly to a present or recent evil than a remote one, one should also respond more strongly to a present or recent evil than to a remote good.

2) What makes a consolation a good one? ƒ How do we know whether a consolation is a good one? Three “SHE HAD A GOOD LIFE” The Hard Rock Cafe is a popular international chain of restaurants catering to “baby boomers” and their children. The decor is rock and roll memorabilia. The bar, at which Jeff and Connie stood, was guitar shaped. On the walls around the bar hung gold and platinum records and posters of many recording artists, including the Beatles, Buddy Holly and the Crickets, Elvis Presley, the Rolling Stones, the Doors, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, and Otis Redding.

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