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В книге много интересных дизайнерских идей для любителей работы с деревом.

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The middle plarform pieces should be abour 1164 inch wider rhan rhe leg being worked on. Referring [0 drawing 48, cur our rhe pam for rhe jig. Make rhe plarform from 3/4 inch MDF or Balric birch and assemble ir using biscuirs or dowels. Nexr, mill rwo pieces of solid wood 7/8 inch by 1-5/8 inches by 11 inches. Arrach one of rhese pieces, wirh screws, [0 rhe bor[Om of rhe plarform, aligning ir flush wirh rhe edge of rhe cenrer opening and wirh rhe fronr of rhe jig. Wirh rhe leg srock held againsr rhe arrached piece of wood and under rhe opening, place rhe orher piece of wood againsr rhe leg and also arrach ir ro rhe plarform wirh sC,rews.

It resides at the Huntington Library in San Marino, California. Ognan Borisov/ lnrerfo[o Chapter 7 The Greene & Greene Details I r has been said of an rhar rhere are no new ideas, only new arrangemenrs of old ideas. In orher words, sup­ posedly, all individual elemenrs of a design have been done before and originaliry lies solely in rhe arrangemenr and rhe bringing rogerher of individual elemenrs. While rhis may be debarable, ir is cenainly peninenr ro whar we recognize as rhe Greene & Greene sryle of bringing rogerher and arranging derails emanaring from various sources.

Julia Mullins 52. The Leg-bottom is Lined up with Julia Mullins the front ofthe jig. 53. The jig and stock are placed in the vice; then the detail is routed. Julia Mullins Routing the Indent Detail To proceed, first set a router up with a 1 inch template guide and a 112 inch straight fluted router bit. Using scrap stock for the setup, the leg stOck is placed between the two pieces of wood on the underside of the jig and against the 1/4 inch riser block, also at the underside of the jig (51) . The bottom of the leg is referenced to the front of the jig (52).

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