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By George W Gokel

Guide presents entire assurance of natural chemistry; together with sensible details, key equations and tables, and an intensive advent to every subject. Revised to incorporate 50% new content material. past version: c1987.

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For example, (C2H5O)2SO2 is diethyl sulfate and C2H5O ˆ SO2 ˆ OH is ethyl hydrogen sulfate. Prefixes O- and S- are used where necessary to denote attachment to oxygen and to sulfur, respectively, in sulfur replacement compounds. For example, CH3 ˆ S ˆ SO2 ˆ ONa is sodium S-methyl thiosulfate. When sulfur is linked only through nitrogen, or through nitrogen and oxygen, to the organic radical, naming is as follows: (1) N-substituted amides are designated as N-substituted derivatives of the sulfur amides and (2) compounds of the type R ˆ NH ˆ SO3H may be named as N-substituted sulfamic acids or by the prefix sulfoamino- to denote the group HO3S ˆ NH ˆ .

Acetals and Acylals. Acetals, which contain the group ϾC(OR)2, where R may be different, are named (1) as dialkoxy compounds or (2) by the name of the corresponding aldehyde or ketone followed by the name of the hydrocarbon radical(s) followed by the word acetal. For example, CH3 ˆ CH(OCH3)2 is named either (1) 1,1-dimethoxyethane or (2) acetaldehyde dimethyl acetal. A cyclic acetal in which the two acetal oxygen atoms form part of a ring may be named (1) as a heterocyclic compound or (2) by use of the prefix methylenedioxy for the group ˆ O ˆ CH2 ˆ O ˆ as a substituent in the remainder of the molecule.

8 to the name of the parent compound. The prefix perhalo- implies the replacement of all hydrogen atoms by the particular halogen atoms. , diethyliodonium chloride for (C2H5)2IϩClϪ. These trivial names are retained: bromoform (CHBr3), chloroform (CHCl3), fluoroform (CHF3), iodoform (CHI3), phosgene (COCl2), thiophosgene (CSCl2), and dichlorocarbene radical (aCCl2). Inorganic nomenclature leads to such names as carbonyl and thiocarbonyl halides (COX2 and CSX2) and carbon tetrahalides (CX4). Hydroxylamines and Oximes.

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