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By Mark Wyman

"Wyman has written a hugely readable account of the circulate of various ethnic and cultural teams of Europe's displaced people, 1945–1951. An research of the social, fiscal, and political conditions during which relocation, resettlement, and repatriation of thousands of individuals happened, this learn is both a examine in international relations, in diplomacy, and in social heritage. . . . A bright and compassionate activity of the occasions and conditions in which displaced people discovered themselves, of the recommendations and potential during which humans survived or didn't, and an account of the most important powers based on an extraordinary human obstacle mark this as a major book."―Choice

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They traveled first to western Latvia, staying there two months , then headed to the Baltic port of Liepaj a in October, when word came that Russian troops had cut off land escape routes to the south. The Pocses traveled in their exodus with another family that had formerly managed a creamery ; with a case of butter it was possible to obtain crucial favors along the way-permission to board a German military boat carrying injured soldiers to Gdansk ; tickets for a train in Gdansk that took the group to Berlin ; further tickets on another train that ultimately left them in Oldenburg, north of Hamburg.

The story of the concentration camps has been told often, and in grisly detail, but it must be noted here because of the camps' long­ term impact-if only (in Malcolm Proudfoot's words) " because terror of these camps was a part of the grim background of every displaced person in Hitler's Europe, " and care of the camps' sur­ vivors became one of the most important tasks facing the con­ querors. 1 7 The numbers killed b y direct o r indirect causes i n the con­ centration and extermination camps are still only capable of esti­ mate.

Pocs's parents were transferred to another, distant, school, which meant the family had to leave its castle home. Within · schools the changes were more drastic : The Communists ended religious instruction, brought in Soviet text­ books , and planted spies among the pupils. (An Estonian school principal recalled that in those months of Communist control she was required to attend gatherings where " upon the instigation of two or three rowdie s , the mood of the whole meeting would change. . All at once a resolution would be passed that such a province, or such and such a region, desires incorporation into the Soviet Union.

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