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By Yufang Ho

In this ebook, Yufang Ho compares the textual content kind distinction among the 2 types of John Fowles' The Magus, exemplifying the methodological rules and analytic practices of the corpus stylistic approach.

The Magus was first released in 1966 and was once revised and republished by means of Fowles in 1977. Fowles' personal touch upon the second one version used to be that it was once 'rather greater than a stylistic revision.' The publication explores how the revised model is linguistically various from the unique, in particular when it comes to standpoint (re) illustration. The corpus stylistic process followed combines qualitative and quantitative comparability to substantiate the general textual content type distinction. The research demonstrates that computing device assisted equipment can establish major linguistic positive aspects which literary critics haven't spotted and supply a extra particular descriptive foundation for literary interpretation of (either version) of the unconventional. This research of The Magus serves as a case research and exemplar of ways corpus ideas can be utilized in general within the research of linguistics.

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Each pragmatic category is then further divided into two semantic categories: affect is divided semantically into positive and negative, whereas evidentiality is divided into certainty and doubt. A further distinction is made between adverbs, verbs, adjectives and modals as grammatical markers of these stance features. In their third step, Biber and Finegan use a statistical technique called cluster analysis to identify stance features of the texts from their corpus data. Texts that are maximally similar in their use of stance features are sorted into clusters.

I was longing to tell her about Alison, longing for her sympathy and understanding. But the lie I had told her a fortnight before stood like a black guard, like Joe, between me and the absolving sunlight. As soon as we had consummated the physical thing, I would go to confession [. ] Those moments on Parnassus need never be told. (M1, chapter 56: 418) This time, he decides that he has to wait until they have ‘consummated the physical thing’, as if sex will guarantee their future relationship. Even when he decides to tell Lily/Julie about Alison, he is still dishonest.

Consider the example from The Magus: ‘A faint light shape came running out of the dark tunnel [. ] It was a girl’. The running girl is first vaguely identified as ‘a faint light shape’, and then more precisely as ‘a girl’. The vague reference and the psychological sequencing indicate Nicholas-the-character’s viewpoint at that particular moment. In addition to the features noted on Short’s (1996) checklist, more linguistic indicators of point of view are further identified (see McIntyre 2006: 51–3), including: (7) Graphological deviation: Short (2000) discusses how graphological deviation in Irvine Welsh’s novel Marabou Stork Nightmares is used to reflect the point of view of the main protagonist.

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