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By Simon Mouatt, Carl Adams

Because the genuine economic climate is more and more digitalized, banking lags at the back of. it truly is therefore no longer good positioned to help the recent economic climate. The ebook offers a few standpoint at the adjustments happening, choosing the systemic weaknesses within the conventional monetary infrastructure, and featuring a few radical rethinking to handle systemic monetary instability.

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So let us give credit where it is due. These concepts, always combined as Yin-Yang, as necessary complements to each other, have a history of several thousands years, with its origins traced back to the Yi Jing (the Book of Changes), attributed to King Wen of Zhou (1099–1050 BC). The explicit Weltanschauung in Chinese philosophy is precisely the necessity of an appropriate balance between Yang and Yin energies, in all aspects of nature and life. C. G. ’7 If we are using the Yin-Yang vocabulary, at the risk of appearing exotic, it is simply because we don’t have precise equivalent words in our Western languages.

The reserve in this case is not some palpable storage, like a cache of some material resource. Rather, this second variable Φ is a characteristic of the system structure that reflects its flexibility both to survive change and to adapt to new circumstances – and it usually requires some loss of efficient performance (Ulanowicz 2009). Systems that endure – that is, are sustainable – lie in dynamic balance somewhere between these two poles of order and disorder, efficient performance and adaptive resilience.

This fundamental insight is at the core of the Taoist worldview: Chinese philosophy described this as the optimal balance between Yin-Yang, with excess Yin and excess Yang forms of imbalance. Bernard Lietaer 35 Sustainability 100% Towards brittleness Excess Yang (Too little diversity) Window of Viability Optimal Balance Real-life ecosystems Towards stagnation Excess Yin (Too little efficiency) Greater Efficiency (streamlining) Greater Resilience Diversity & Interconnectivity It is critical to understand that the findings described in natural ecosystems arise from the very structure of a complex flow system, and therefore that they remain valid for any complex flow network with a similar structure, regardless of what is being processed in the system: it can be biomass in an ecosystem, information in a biological system, electrons in an electrical power network, or money in an economic system.

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