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This examine provides an method of metaphor that systematically takes contextual components into consideration. It analyses how metaphors either depend upon, and alter, the context within which they're uttered, and particularly, how metaphorical interpretation comprises the articulation of asserted, implied and presupposed fabric. It vitamins this semantic research with a practice-based account of metaphor on the conceptual point, which stresses the position of sociocultural components in idea formation.

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1 below, these provide an important argument against strictly referentialist views. Obviously, the word Achilles may very well stand for a meaning, concept or 'affection in the soul' without there being any object of which the concept is a likeness. , to symbolize a concept) even in the absence of a referent. Analogon-metaphors involving non-denoting terms could then be thought of as expressing analogies between concepts rather than objects; but as said, Aristotle makes no explicit claims about this.

G. of species-genus metaphors to 'proportions' like deed : ten thousand : : deed: many. Levin himself already notes that this does not really involve an analogy, as 'deed' figures twice in the relation (1982: 28). It remains unclear, therefore, what this reanalysis adds to Aristotle's account. 36 Contexts of Metaphor one (1457b25); moreover, there is no reason why such a metaphorical term cannot become kurion, that is, the current way of expressing, if it is taken over by the speech community at large.

One might be tempted to conclude from this that 'primitive' proper names function as property expressions that ascribe specific attributes to individuals in virtue of their descriptive content, but perhaps such a statement already prejudices the question of how these expressions signify, as it takes the notion of abstract attributes for granted. 2 below). As noted, Goody (1977, 1987) has stressed the significance of the fact that there are disproportionately many lists among the earliest written texts: lists, he argues, are an important aid in decontextualizing and systematizing the employment of linguistic items.

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