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By Donovan J. Ochs

Consolatory Rhetoric explores Greco-Roman funeral rites to bare how opposing symbols functioned rhetorically to convenience old groups. whereas the majority of rhetorical feedback translates written texts, Donovan Ochs broadens the normal concentration to contemplate non-verbal symbols in addition to motion and item languages. Ochs demonstrates that non-discursive dimensions of Greco-Roman burial rites held a spot of specific persuasive value in consoling the population, and he attributes funeral customs practiced in modern Western civilization to the legacy of the traditional Greeks and Romans.

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Chapter 2, therefore, develops the components of the consolatory situation, a situation that rhetorical, symbolic behaviors need to address. Chapters 3 and 4 analyze the funeral rites of the Greeks; chapters 5 and 6, the Romans. This book is written, primarily, for students of classical rhetoric. In some small way this book may highlight the significant contributionsand shortcomingsof the classical trea- Page 17 tises on persuasion and their relationship to the people who livedand diedin the Greco-Roman culture.

Not likely. Would the diversity of explanations be evidence to claim nonreferentiality for action and object? Not at all. While symbolic behaviors in a ritual cannot attain strict referentiality as can some verbal statements with sensible and demonstrable referents, these behaviors, when translated into verbal explanations can refer to abstract beliefs, social attitudes, and cultural values. "30 Opposition A final term in the premise of this book requires clarification. The concept of opposition is used here in a simple relational sense.

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