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A typical time bomb is one where a disgruntled employee inserts into complex software that is frequently used (a compiler or a payroll system, for example) code that will abort the execution of the software, for instance, after a certain date, naturally chosen to fall after the date of the employee’s resignation or dismissal. While some programming errors may appear to be time bombs (the infamous Y2k problem certainly being the best known and most costly of these), virtually all intentional logical bombs are malicious.

Go to step 2. Otherwise, we are done. This, then, is an algorithm for calculating the monthly balances. To refine the algorithm further, we must consider what kind of machine we wish to implement our algorithm on. Suppose that we have to compute the monthly balances using a computing device that cannot store the computational steps and associated data. A nonprogrammable calculator is one such device. The above steps a will translate into the following process: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Turn the calculator on.

Using namespaces makes it much easier to create large software projects. I. Templates In general usage, a template is a pattern that you use to create things. For example, in a woodworking class you might use a template to guide you when you are sawing a particularly tricky curve in a project. Similarly, in C++ a template is a set of generic instructions for performing some task. For example, the task might be storing a collection of objects. The template would contain generic instructions for storing and retrieving, plus it would include a parameter to indicate what type of object should be managed.

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