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Am(m)odru >'9"~~ (KT) 'wholly, absOlutely POSlttVely'; , lit. 'from the very bottom' (from nydr). 'amadirot h"'lIlC"l- (D 1404, OT)' prancmg . k. an:adaroth, transcription of Heb. midda~ larD! prancmg'. ma'akko. M) 'right (direction),; from Gk. amapherh. tranSCription of Heb. mipliin. perhaps for yim, from yimn, an analogical forma. tion to ¢im, below. 9" ilteT; metathesis of 'amraht. see 'iJmma. 'ama'ut (pI. 'ama'alViit) h"'lo--l- 'intestine, bowel" , note that >ama~ut has the appearance of a plural ronn-, n SEMITIC: Ar.

Asmaf); also Syr. 'aleqrrun 'am. ber'. See also ·allaketru, above. 'alapu hilA. (MA) 'love' , ·"liqe. 'aleqe, >eleqe. 'eleqen hi\. :j> 'salty, brack,sh, salt 'ea (Dead Sea)', case, 0, Eisfeldt, JSS 5 (1960), 46 compares It with from Ar 'a/qittii' 'cucumber', See also qata, below. (flA sea eagle, (KG) snake-eating bird'; ~A4':J' 'alep;lp hI\. AAA. npap{V, ilrlpappa, >alatinon Ug. m'/b 'cloakroom' from 1/&. ETHIOPIC: Amh. Iqatii the qu(llN pas .. agc from I Chronicles 15:20 ,has ba· ~ n:lf5t la~/a 'Olamol 'wlth lute~ on AI~m~t where Alam\'t I ...

Sasse 46. ahatti (for 'a~adti; acc. 'a(lGlta) , ETHJOPIC Tna. 'ilg;i>abil~er, abbreviated (with metathesis) 'iI;gi, Te. 'ilgzaher, Amh. abilher. agzero ilg:ihar. i ETHIOPIC: perhaps related to Te. h4r 'bull'. The comparison with Amh. awra 'male' suggested by d' Abbadie 548 is doubtful. Af. awur, aUT 'buH'. lt. ;} 'cattle. cows'; , SEMmc. Ar. 'ahha,a 'd I . - , 'delay' Sb ah '-'th e ay , 'G~IT last, SAr h"h, , .. ~eTi esecond'S h ' . Heb. 'ahar 'behind' A ' . oq .. a-hen heh'nd'. . ram 'aha,'be heh d' S 'hr (ahl) 'ta d .

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