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3) was written in ref. [34]. More recently, a detailed calculation of the cocycle for the general case of a covering associated to a Kleinian uniformization was carried out in ref. [30] by exploiting the homological methods developed in ref. [2]. Note, however, that from the point of view of ref. [3] these planar coverings are “´etale” coordinates on X, so the group cohomology constructions required to work with the various kinds of uniformization coverings just ˇ follow from specializing the Cech formalism to the coverings at hand.

D(ω0 + ω1 + ωˆ 2 ) = −4 L2 ([∞ : γ1 (∞) : γ1 γ2 (∞) : γ1 γ2 γ3 (∞)]) . 25) ˇ Proof. By construction, D(ω0 + ω1 + ωˆ 2 ) = δˇ ωˆ 2 , and the latter Cech coboundary is computed as δˇ ωˆ γ21 ,γ2 ,γ3 = −4 L2 ([z : z23 : z3 : ∞]) − L2 ([z : z123 : z3 : ∞]) + L2 ([z : z123 : z23 : ∞]) − L2 ([γ3 (z) : z12 : z2 : ∞]) . In the last term we have [γ3 (z) : z12 : z2 : ∞] = [z : z123 : z23 : z3 ] . 26) i=0 where a0 , . . , a4 ∈ P1 and the hat sign denotes omission. 25). 4. g. refs. [16, 14, 23]. 26) that the right hand side of Eq.

3. The fact that the change in the cocycle is given by a pure 2-form term up to total coboundary can also be analyzed in terms of gluing properties of variational bicomplexes, cf. 2 in ref. [1] and the proof of Theorem 1 in ref. [3]. 1 is a direct consequence of the affine structure of the space CM (X) of conformal metrics. 3. A cup product. 12) can be handled in a more geometric fashion as follows. From Sect. 13) and we have the collection of tame symbols gij , gj k associated with any triple intersection Uij k in the cover UX , [9].

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