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By Kenneth E Hagin

Believers can discover ways to use their religion in God's notice to turn on the facility of God and blast away each challenge that's hindering them.

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The dust swirls, and the crowds shove and push each other. All those people crammed together keep you from getting closer to the one who's the center of attraction, because everyone else is desperately trying to get closer too. I can imagine that this woman encountered a similar situation. But she didn't let the dust and the crowds deter her at all. She started pressing through that crowd. She wriggled through one gap in the crowd, and then she pressed through another. She just kept trying to get through that crowd to reach Jesus.

In fact, you can live in the valley all your life and still be born again, filled with the Spirit, and Heaven-bound. But I want to tell you something. God doesn't want you to live in the valley of defeat. He wants you to act on His Word in faith, blast your way out of the valley, and live an abundant life in Jesus! Living for Jesus is the greatest life there is! God doesn't intend for us to lack in any area of our lives—spiritual, physical, or financial. He has made provision to meet our every need in His Word.

For instance, I was preaching once in a Florida crusade, and I ministered to a young girl sitting in a wheelchair who had been in an accident. This girl told me, "I believe I'm in this wheelchair because my family won't submit to God. " I said, "Young lady, let me set you straight on something. If your relatives think God crippled you, then if anything, your being in this wheelchair would cause them to turn from God! Who would want to serve a God who cripples His children! "But," I said, "if you'll get hold of the Word of God, you can walk out of that chair and go home shouting praises to God's glory.

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