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By Juan Federico Ponce

This publication is the results of ten years’ of medical examine conducted by means of the authors on Isla de los Estados. The study contains their doctoral thesis and plenty of released clinical papers relating to the island.

The publication is split into significant components. the 1st half covers diversified social and normal elements of this distant island and contains chapters at the medical and historic heritage, physiography with topographical and hydrographical descriptions, weather and oceanographic move, crops and geology (including stratigraphy, structural geology and geological history).

The moment half contains a reconstruction of the paleoenvironmental, paleoclimatic and paleogeographic heritage of the island from the final Glacial greatest to the current, correlating with different paleoecological files from the southern a part of Isla Grande de Tierra del Fuego and Patagonia. This moment half additionally contains a geomorphological bankruptcy with a characterization of the valuable erosive glacial landforms on Isla de los Estados built through morphometric research, inventories, maps, paleogeographic and glacial types, and a paleoecological bankruptcy comparing the palaeoenvironment and palaeoclimatic stipulations that prevailed through the overdue Pleistocene-Holocene occasions in keeping with pollen and diatom research from 3 14C-dated peat toilets and lakes. ultimately, the ebook concludes with a overview of the island’s archaeology and the connection among the palaeoenvironmental heritage and human career of this island.

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3 Fjords Fjord is a Norwegian term universally adopted for an arm of sea of a certain size, characterised by a disposition more or less rectilinear, steep rocky sides and great depths (Fairbridge 1968) that have been the result of the flooding of a glacial trough due to the post-glacial sea level rise. Fjords are exclusively found along the marine coasts of elevated relief moulded by Pleistocene glaciers. The absolute and unmistakeable relationship of the fjords with old glaciated areas restrict their location to the high latitudes: Norway, Scotland, Greenland, Iceland, the Svalbard islands, other Arctic Ocean islands, Canada, Alaska, Kamchatka, Chilean Patagonia, New Zealand and some minor archipelagos, such as the islands of Kerguelen, South Georgia, or South Shetland (Syvitski and Shaw 1995), as well as the Antarctic Peninsula, where they have achieved a remarkable development.

5). The characteristic vegetation consists of caespitose or creeping plants. 4 Peat bog with gramineae belonging to the Meadow Formation, Crossley Bay (Photo: J. F. 5 Alpine formation (Photo: J. F. Ponce 2005) have stunted growth. Cushions and clumps of typical species of the alpine zone such as Azorella selago, A. lycopodioides, Bolax gummifera, Abrotanella emarginata, Oreobolus obtusangulus, Gaimardia australis and Drapetes muscosoides are seen. The creepers like Pernettya pumila and Gaultheria antarctica and the gramineae Poa darwiniana are also present.

Senecio smithii can be abundant, particularly in the lower and wetter places. Groupings of undergrowth such as Pernettya mucronata, Drimys winteri and Chiliotrichum diffusum are scattered within this association. 2 Nothofagus betuloides—Marsippospermum grandiflorum Association Nothofagus betuloides is the larger component, appearing as bushes and forming dense almost impenetrable thickets. 1 Correlation between the different vegetal communities recognized by Dudley and Crow (1983) and Kühnemann (1976) Dudley and Crow (1983) Kühnemann (1976) Evergreen forest formation Scrub formation Magellanic moorland formation Meadow formation Alpine formation Littoral formation Maritime tussock formation —————— —————— Evergreen forest Small Gallery Forest Tundra mires Peaty grassland Grassland —————— —————— —————— Park Rocky promontory dominates the ground cover.

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