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By Will Farmer

There are few items of pottery extra recognizable than these designed via Clarice Cliff. for plenty of the epitome of artwork Deco, and Thirties type, characterized via daring colour and contours, geometric shapes, and stylized representations of the geographical region, Clarice Cliff's 'Bizarre' pottery is largely gathered all around the world.

This booklet strains the tale of Clarice Cliff and the pottery that she created. Born in 1899 and hired within the Potteries from the age of thirteen, Clarice used to be gifted, formidable and ingenious, and in 1927 she was once given her personal studio on the Newport Pottery, and for the following twelve years she produced quite a number designs that have been enjoyed by way of numerous usual thirties loved ones, and became icons of the age. Clarice Cliff specialist Will Farmer examines each one of Clarice's vital kinds and designs, with the aid of a wealth of top quality colour illustrations. this can be the suitable creation to this most well liked of all British pottery.

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