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Of course, the balancing of flows is only true in a stationary system, in which accumulation of matter and energy in the process units, such as changing stocks in a production plant, are neglected. Mass and energy flows are characterized not only by their quantity, but also by their qualitative properties such as composition as a measure for the quality of materials, and exergy content as a measure for the quality of energy. 1. It is a simplified version of the process as various flows are not explicitly depicted.

A simplex algorithm is central to many linear programming (LP) solvers. Branch and bound algorithms are systematic search algorithms that effectuate the exclusion of certain parts of the solution space (branches in a solution tree) from further search. These algorithms are applied in integer programming problems. Modified versions are applied in 0-1 (binary) integer linear programming problems. Binary programming methods in particular are frequently encountered in optimizing disassembly sequences.

Modularity analysis is done at this level. The product level is applied if the analysis of a product as a whole is required, for studying the relationships between the disassembly operations and the sequence of those operations. It includes the establishment of disassembly precedence graphs, AND/OR graphs, and other representations of the possible sequences of disassembly operations. It also embraces the selection of appropriate sequences. The batch level is used if the processing of multiple products has to be considered.

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