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By Arun Kumar Sharma, Archana Sharma

Chromosome portray is the main smooth and novel approach for at once selecting a number of gene sequences at the same time within the chromosome, using particular probes in molecular hybridization. Its answer levels from unmarried replica to complete genome sequences. it really is now utilized in plant, animal, and human platforms, in gene mapping, identity of genetic problems, evolutionary reports, and gene move experiments. This treatise is the 1st of its sort to hide the approach with all its adjustments and functions. it truly is designed for normal use by means of postgraduate scholars and study employees in cellphone and molecular genetics, plant and animal sciences, agriculture, drugs, and phylogenetic studies.

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Monitor the cell den sity and chromosome spreading by pha se contrast microscopy. Fixative may be added to decrease cell density after spreading. 10-30 III glacial acetic acid may be added to the suspension to increa se chromosome spreading. 13. Incubate the chromosome slides in an oven at 60 °C for appro ximat ely 12 h. 14. 1 % Tween20/2x SSC for 1-2 h in a 60 °C water bath , then wash for 5 min in PBS . 15. OI M HCI for 10-20 min on a 37 °C hot plate , then wash for 5 min in PBS. 16. Treat the slides with 1% formalin/PBS for 10 min at RT, then wash for 5 min in PBS.

Lash A E. Shen GL. Martelli M. Kuehl WM. Klausner RD . Ried T (2000). A systematic. high-resolu tion linkage o f the cy togenet ic and phys ical map s of the huma n ge nome. Nat Genet 24: 339-34 1. 10. Lengauer C. Speich er MR. Popp S. Ja uch A. Ta niwa ki M. Nagarja M. Riethman HC. Donis- Keller H. D'Urso M. Sch lessinge r D. Cremer T (1993) . Chromosomal ba r codes produ ced by mu ltico lor fluoresce nce ill situ hybridiza tion with mult iple YAC c lones and whole chro mosome pa int ing probes.

Stai ning of hum an telomeres with primed in situ labelin g (PRINS). Cytoge net Cell Genet 68: 115-11 8. 14. Thomsen PO , Hoyheim B, Chri ste nsen K (1996 ). Recent fusion eve nts d uri ng evolution of pig chro moso mes 3 and 6 ident ified by com parison with the bab iru sa ka ryo ty pe . Cy togenet Cell Genet 73 : 203-208. 15. Vermeesch JR , Meurich y W, Van Den Bergh e H, Marynen P, Petit P ( 1996). Differences in the distributi on and nature of the inters titia l telom eri c (TT AGGG)n seque nces in the chro moso mes of the Gur affid ae, oka pi iO kapia j ohnstoni) and giraffe (Gi raffa came/o parda lis) : evi de nce for ances tral telomeres at the okapi polymorphic rob (4;26) fusion site.

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