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By Tom Zieg

Make outstanding but reasonably cheap Christmas embellishes with the scroll observed. From the whimsical to the classical, greater than two hundred venture styles for Christmas adorns are illustrated with large drawings that may be glued correct onto the wooden to lead your observed. besides conventional Santas, snowmen, spiritual, and fretwork designs, there are styles for making ornate phrases, novelties, and natural world designs.

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Such natural samples can inspire you to make artistic decisions about how and where to curl a leaf. You may choose, for example, to wrap one around the back of the fox's head, to tie it into the background. 1. Shape the outside parameters of the leaf and establish the points with some deep cuts right down to the background (PHOTO The 11/4 gouge is a deeply curved, narrow tool that will help you get in between the fingers of the leaves, using the curvature of the chisel to help shape the tips. Since this is all end grain, there's little chance of it splitting, so you can really sink the gouge in to elevate the leaf from the background.

That causes you to hold the knife on a higher angle, which drives it down into the wood so you are constantly fighting the knife as you cut. 1. The first step in honing begins with a soft, coarse stone. This cuts quickly, removes imperfections, and resurfaces the cutting edge. I start with a Washita. Put a little oil on the surface of the stone, (PHOTO B I, and spread it with your finger. 2. You want a very slight tilt to the blade. Lay a dime on the stone. To gauge the proper angle, hold the knife so the bottom of its back edge is about even with the top of the coin (PHOTO [11.

It becomes more difficult to get a flat bevel on your tools with a cupped stone. The softer the stone, the more prone it is to this bellying. For example, while a soft Arkansas wears more quickly, a hard black Arkansas is so dense that I've had mine for about 30 years and can't notice any hollowing at all. You can reflatten stones by rubbing them across a fl at steel plate with abrasive paste. 3. You want a consistent burr. Each honing brings the opposite the one you've just honed. On a gouge or two surfaces on either side of the cutting edge closer V-tool it's on the inside.

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