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This can be a really good e-book. really, no longer all of the positions in it are average chess endings; a few are middlegames, and a few are very inconceivable (page 115.) The strategies in it are fairly valuable (see my preface below.) i've got re-compiled, and re-organized the complete publication for private reference. If all of the felony concerns are lined, a re-publication is sort of attainable. Following is the 1st a part of my preface: "Chess is a sort of struggle concept. To win struggle the army operation needs to be triumphant. The operation is the coordination of many alternative military. In chess, even the easiest checkmate (R+K vs ok) calls for the right kind association of the checking strength and the proscribing strength at the contrary strength. I learn Chernev's chessboard magic approximately 15 years in the past, and was once surprised through many checkmate or game-saving styles. for instance: the ladder subject of challenge 131 and the criss-cross trend of challenge 15. I felt that they have been simply compositions for coming into contests; no longer having any pratical experience. certain, a few of them are approach outdoor the chess truth; although a few are brilliant adequate. we know a good published knight could come to a decision a online game. yet a knight by myself cannot do a lot; another piece needs to take part the crusade to carry it to a end. Capablanca wrote, scholar needs to study the coordination among the queen and knight since it will be super valuable in tactical chess. In my very fresh video game, after a wild establishing the placement appeared quite undesirable for me. If i made a decision to play defensively, i'd lose a pawn evidently and the sport ultimately becuase I had merely five mins at the clock as opposed to quarter-hour on my opponent's. I observed that i'll strength exchange my rook pair for his queen and pawn. With the initiative was once nonetheless handy; if i may strategically submit the knight, i'd have the capacity to strength a draw by means of perpectually checking his okay through my Q. His rook pair and black sq. bishop couldn't support a lot; simply because I deliberate to play at the white sqaures merely. The diffence within the variety of pawns didn't give a contribution a lot to the result. by way of attempting to tough to win with the additional pawn, he permit me checkmate him. The draw was once adequately the higher outcome. So, the adventure within the coordinate of items may perhaps win or draw video games; particularly whilst the clock is operating down. At this level the strategies are the most guns. Like Chernev's the main Intructive video games of Chess Ever performed, this Chessboard Magic! is fantactic, very intertaining and has a few pratical use. the single whinge, i've got, is, just like the such a lot Intructive, this ebook used to be no longer prepared in any specific topic. it's very challenging to remember what the scholar learns. Mr. Chernev and readers have first-class purposes to love his association. I did not comprehend the common sense. they're correct once they imagine that if the readers wish to see the subject matter; they could simply use chess endgame books. i want to re-arrangement this just a little another way. First it really is used as an academic observe for me. i'll lookup the subject while i have to; or whilst i do know my rivals want a few particular items i will beware of these strategies and use a few strategies while i've got these items. moment, if the booklet might be valuable for a few chess gamers to organize for his/her fit good, i think that i've got paid my end result of the chess neighborhood. ..."

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18 �h3! The last reserve comes into play! 18 ... 'ild2 The c5 pawn cannot be retained in view of the th reat of 1 9 l:d3. After 1 S . . i.. d 2 White has the unpleasant 1 9 l:e4, and if 1 9 . . xc3±. 19 'i/xc5+ 20 \i'c4?! 'i'd6 White has managed to regain the sacrificed pawns, but now he goes wrong, allowi ng the exchange of queens. After 20 \WitS ! Black would still have been in difficulties, for example: 20 . . d3 f5 23 ftJd5+ �f7 (stronger is 23 . . l:Ixd5 24 i¥xd5 lidS 25 'i¥c4! e5± . 20 'tib4!

E3 ! b1 ; 1 3 ifxc3; 1 3 lt:Jg3) . 8 �g3 The alternative is 8 'ii' h 5+ g6 9 'iY'd1 . However, White has to be prepared to play the endgame after 8 . . 'iVf7 9 'iVxf7+ �xf7 1 0 lt:Jf3. It was evidently because of this last variation that Tal chose 8 'i¥g3. 8 lt:Je7 I n the event of the preparatory exchange 8 . . cxd4 9 cxd4 fi:Je7 White can choose between the simple 1 0 i.. ta6 1 3 fi:Jf4 'iVd7 and Keres's old recommendation 1 0 c3 0-Q 1 1 h4!? gS - in both cases White stands slightly better.

There is immediately the prospect of an attack on f6 (f4-f5, i. ) . I n order to parry it, Black decides on an exchanging operation , as a result of which White gains the advantage of the two bishops , and also a very active position in the centre and on the kingside. It need hardly be said that the disappearance of the queens signifies the wrecking of Tal's plans, made in his preparations for the game! g4 8 8 7 6 5 5 4 4 3 2 24 g4 White not only restricts the space available to the opponent's pieces, but he also prepares the activation of his own king.

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