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Tactics in the sicilian

Textual content: English (translation) unique Language: Russian

Kasparov Teaches Chess

A sequence of 24 chess classes, first released in "Sport within the USSR", masking all facets of the sport. The paintings is aimed toward the aspiring junior participant or the typical membership participant. Gary Kasparov is a Grandmaster and global Champion and is the writer of "Batsford Chess Openings".

The Development of Chess Style

Max Euwe was once the 5th legit global champion, and met a few of the different champions in chessboard battles. the following, he assesses the contributions of every to the best way chess is performed and approached. John Nunn has introduced the e-book absolutely brand new through discussing the contributions of Karpoc, Kasparov, and the recent iteration of execs and the supercomputers.

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The advantage gained is not great, say only a pawn, or some advantage in psition, the whole outlook is difierent. We may notice, often too late, that what appeared in the middte game to be an undoubted "pull," has become in the end game a weakness, and features in the enemy's position to which we gave no thought: have become a first class weapon in his hands, Imagine that you haw been conducting a violent attack on the K side and that your opponent has an isolated but passed Q R P, I n the circumstances you did not give it a thought and rather looked on it as a weakness, Now your attack fails ta lead to a mate or to bring you any other advantage, and you see the despised pawn make its way unhindered to the queening square f What is to be done in such cases ?

P- . ,. practise the Queen's Gambit. The usual move for Black is here 7 F--B 3; after which the possible continuations are sufficiently well known. Let us suppose that Black plays x &Eerent move and we shall see with what problems White is immediately faced. First we shall examine 7 PQ Kt 3* This move discloses Black's intention of developing a Bishop at Q Kt: 2: therefore our first and immediate reply is 8 P x P, P x P; closing the diagonal for a long ti-me to came if not permanently. Another chaxacteristic of the move in question stands revealed : the ...

L'o prevent this, Black will have to play *.. P-Kt 3: (riving White another objective, since Black will seek to t? THE STAGES OF THE MIDDLE GAME BETWEEN MIDDLE GAME AND E N D GAME place his Q Kt at Q B 4, from which square White will dislodge it by 9-Q Kt 4. Here are the moves played in a recent game: q Kt-B 3, Q Kt--Q 2; ro Castles K R, Castles; I r Kt-K r, Q-K a ; r 2 P-K 4, P-Kt 3; 1 3 Kt-I3 2 , P-Q R 4; 14 Kt-K J, Kt-B 4; 15 Q-B 2,B-B I ; 16 P-Kt 3, B-Q 2 ; 17 P-Q R J, Kt-R 4; 18 P-Q Kt 4, Kt-Q Kt 2 ; 19 Q R-K 1, Kt-Kt 2 ; 2 0 Q-Q a , Kt-Q I; z r P-B q, P-K B 3 ; etc.

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