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By Al Horowitz

In this e-book, I. A. Horowitz, Chess Editor of the New York Times and previous U.S. Open Champion, applies a number of the principles and convictions received from thirty-five years of enjoying, educating and reading the royal online game. He emphasizes the tactical facets of the sport: how you can realize the massive probability and hit demanding while it happens. He additionally stresses the tips and techniques in beginning play, instead of the regimen memorizing of adaptations that takes the enjoyment out of chess for thus many beginners.

When you might have accomplished this publication, it is possible for you to to play chess with excitement and a few skill.

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The Queen, however, still -would be checking the King. Likewise the Black Bishop could move between the White Queen and the King. But, if it did, the Kong still be in check because of the White Bishop. would THE KING As a rule, if IS a player wants to that is his privilege. There is IN CHECK make a 23 weak or a foolish move, no way you can stop him. This is In the game of chess, every sphere of activity. one type of blunder which has been declared illegal. true, of course, in however, there A is player cannot make a move which exposes his to King an im- mediate capture.

Pawn In this picture, the White by King Since no other not necessary to say 2CP-K4. to that particular square, to is on King 4. King 2 is marked (In this sequence of photographs, the square from circle. ) move opens diagonals for the Queen and King-Bishop. White now has a mobility which he did not have before. This This is an expert the traditional is more But, for a beginner, way of beginning a chess game. likely to play such P-K4 is advisable. He will learn most while playing it. Black responds with P-K4.

Sufficiently. ) Other moves would have P-Q3, 0-0 or P-Q4. Black now plays B-N5, also served this purpose. For example, PICTURE GUIDE 50 TO BEGINNER'S CHESS B-N5 4 ... Hie Black Queen-Bishop moves necessary, this time, to say B-N5 By it on to B-KN5. It is not King-Knight 5. In this particular position, is sufficient. pinning White's King-Knight, this move seemingly stops Black is also threatening to put extra pressure from moving. this Knight by playing his own Knight to Queen The White player sees this and he has a plctn of Whitens move is 00.

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