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A6 17 ¥xc5 ¤xc5 18 ¤g3 ¦fc8 19 ¦c1 a4 20 ¥xa6 ¦xa6 21 ¦hd1 Now White had to think purely about defence in Topalov−Morozevich/Sarajevo 1999. Alternatively 13 ¥xc5 is GM Apicella's pet system. ¤xc5 14 £d4 £c7 15 a3 White's plan unfolds. He takes a move to safeguard against b5−b4 and is now ready to attack on the kingside beginning with f4−f5. ¥d7 16 f5 ¦fc8!! This shows Gurevich's brilliant understanding of chess. He never had any intention of e6xf5: He realises that keeping a strong centre is far more important than preventing White from advancing his pawn to f6.

B4 13 0-0-0?! ¥b7 13 £f2 b4!? Korchnoi takes immediate action on the queenside. 14 ¤a4? The knight is horribly placed here. It remains shut out of the game for 24 moves until finally White makes a losing blunder in exchanging it off! £xf2+ 15 ¢xf2 a5 16 ¥b5 ¢e7! Naturally in the endgame the black king stays in the centre. Polgar,S−Korchnoi,V/Amsterdam NED 2001. 8 ¤f3 c5 9 £d2 ¤c6 10 dxc5 £xc5 11 0-0-0 ¤b6 Since the black minor pieces are so far away from the kingside, White can contemplate a so−called Greek gift sacrifice.

F6 11 ¦h3! All according to plan. XABCDEFGHY 8r+l+-trk+( 7zpp+nvl-zpp' 6-wqn+pzp-+& 5+-zppzP-+-% 4-+-zP-zP-zP$ 3zP-zP-+N+R# 2-zP-+N+P+" 1tR-vLQmKL+-! a5!? This restrains White from expanding with b2−b4. cxd4 12 cxd4 ¤a5! 13 b4 ¤c4 14 ¤c3 (14 ¤g3 a5 15 ¥d3 f5 and if White had a pawn on c3 then 16 Ng5 would be a strong attacking move, whereas with no pawn on c3 16 ¤g5? a5 15 b5 ¦f7 16 ¥d3 ¤f8 17 h5 ¥d7 18 £c2 fxe5 19 fxe5 ¦xf3! Black finds another way to exploit the weakness on d4. The exchange sacrifice destroys all White's hopes of an attack and leaves him with a crumbling centre.

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