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Following moving tendencies from remedial to preventive makes use of of grouting practices, this 3rd variation covers all features of chemical grouting equipment and purposes. This reference highlights new floor development concepts in addition to contemporary suggestions in soil amendment and stabilization approaches. It considers advertisement possible choices to floor development, their relative merits and downsides, and the engineering purposes to which those equipment are proper. Revised and extended, this re-creation assesses the position of recent grouting strategies within the containment of harmful waste and introduces various difficulties to demonstrate techniques and facilitate instruction.

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24 6 6 8 4 5 a Grout type Grouting method 35% SIROC 142 O1 35% SIROC 142 O1 28% Silicate/R-600 S2 35% SIROC 142 S2 45% SIROC 132 S2 25% Silicate/Aluminate S1 25% Silicate/Aluminate S3 25% Silicate/Aluminate Cement– S3 bentonited 25% Silicate/aluminate Cement– S3 bentonite 55% SIROC 142 O1 55% SIROC 132/142 S2 55% SIROC 132/142 S2 46% Silicate S3 46% Silicate/R-600 S3 Cement–bentonite Total volume of grout (gal): Theoretical vol. ) Actuala vol. 1) 123,522 First figure is volume in gallons; second figure in parentheses is volume expressed as a percent of volume of soil to be treated.

26, Prepared by Woodward-Clyde Consultants for St. Louis District Corps of Engineers. Copyright 2003 by Marcel Dekker, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Appendix F Ground Improvement Copyright 2003 by Marcel Dekker, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Applicability of Various Ground Improvement Methods Copyright 2003 by Marcel Dekker, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Characteristics of Soil Improvement Methods Method Principle Maximum effective treatment, depth, ft Most suitable soils and types Advantages and limitations VIBROCOMPACTION Blasting Shock waves cause liquefaction, displacement, remolding Saturated, clean sands, partly saturated sands and silts after flooding 60 Rapid, low cost, treat small areas, no improvement near surface, dangerous, Terra-probe Densify by vertical vibration, liquefaction induced settlement under overburden Saturated or dry clean sand (less effective in finer sand) 60 (ineffective above 12-ft depth) Rapid, simple, good under water, soft underlayers may damp vibrations, hard to penetrate overlayers Vibratory rollers Densify by vibration, liquefaction induced settlement under roller weight Cohesionless soils 6 to 9 Best method for thin layers or lifts Dynamic compaction (consolidation) or heavy tamping Repeated high intensity impacts at the surface gives immediate settlement Cohesionless soils best, other soils can be improved 45 to 60 Simple, rapid, must protect from personal injury and property damage from flying debris; groundwater must be >6 ft below surface faster than preloading but less uniform Copyright 2003 by Marcel Dekker, Inc.

Some boreholes were drilled with bentonite drilling fluid; others were drilled with Revert. 04 The purpose of the sleeve-grout was to prevent upward travel of grout along the sleeve-pipe during subsequent injections. The procedure for injecting grout through a sleeve-pipe involved the use of a double packer connected to a grout pipe extending to the ground surface. The grout pipe was in turn connected to a grouting pump through a rubber hose. Grout injection proceeded from bottom of the sleeve-pipes upward through one or two sleeves at one time.

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