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By Ralph J. Bertolacini, Steven A. Bradley, Mark J. Gattuso

content material: The function of catalyst characterization in strategy improvement / Vladimir Haensel and Hertha Skala Haensel --
cause for catalyst characterization / Kamil Klier --
dating among catalyst coaching and characterization / Stephen D. Griffith --
dating among constitution and catalytic functionality of dealuminated Y zeolites / R.L. Cotterman, D.A. Hickson, and M.P. Shatlock --
Tin passivation of vanadium contaminants in version fluid cracking catalysts : spectroscopic stories / S.L. Suib, M.W. Anderson, and M.L. Occelli --
practise and characterization of magnesium aluminate spinel for SOx abatement in fluid catalytic cracking / Alak A. Bhattacharyya, Gerald M. Woltermann, and William E. Cormier --
Attrition-resistant porous debris produced by means of spray drying / Horacio E. Bergna --
Hydrous sodium titanate ion-exchange fabrics to be used as catalyst helps / B.C. Bunker, C.H.F. Peden, S.L. Martinez, E.J. Braunschweig, and A.K. Datye --
Decoking and regeneration of a hydrotreating catalyst by means of supercritical extraction / M. Seapan and Z. Guohui --
A philosophy for checking out / W.H. Flank --
Ten directions for catalyst checking out / Frits M. Dautzenberg --
evaluate of fluid cracking catalysts : a comparative examine of checking out philosophies / E.L. Moorehead, M.J. Margolis, and J.B. McLean --
A microscale simulation attempt for fluid catalytic cracking / P. O'Connor and M.B. Hartkamp --
enhanced regeneration caliber with size and density grading / J.D. Seamans, J.G. Welch, and C.A. Vuitel --
Statistical types of shipping and response in porous media and their functions in catalysis / Muhammad Sahimi and Theodore T. Tsotsis --
Characterization of catalytic platforms utilizing nuclear magnetic resonance and vibrational and electron spectroscopies / Tery L. Barr --
floor characterization of steel oxide overlayers / K.J. Williams, M.E. Levin, M. Salmeron, A.T. Bell, and G.A. Somorjai --
floor homes of mixed-metal catalysts / D.W. Goodman --
reports of Pt steel catalysis by means of high-resolution electron spectroscopy for chemical research / Tery L. Barr and M.P. Yin --
Characterization of supported steel catalysts by means of X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy : the matter of the binding power reference / Robert F. Hicks --
Catalyst characterization by means of infrared spectroscopic equipment / J.B. Peri --
Light-off temperature selection of oxidation catalyst utilizing Fourier remodel IR procedure / Chen C. Hsu --
Temperature-programmed desorption learn of CO on Pt-reforming catalysts / R.L. Mieville and M.G. Reichmann --
Pore constitution characterization of catalyst helps through low-field NMR spectroscopy / D.M. Smith, C.L. Glaves, D.P. Gallegos, and C.J. Brinker --
Characterization of Y zeolites via ²³Na magic-angle-spinning NMR spectroscopy / L.B. Welsh and S.L. Lambert --
X-ray and electron microscopic analyses of catalysts / Heinz J. Robota and Steven A. Bradley --
elements affecting X-ray diffraction features of catalyst fabrics / Wayne J. Rohrbaugh and Ellen L. Wu --
Characterization of the hot zeolite ECR-1 / D.E.W. Vaughan, M.E. Leonowicz, and K.G. Strohmaier --
constitution of cobalt sulfide section in carbon-supported Co and Co-Mo sulfide catalysts : experiences through prolonged X-ray absorption high quality constitution (EXAFS) and X-ray absorption close to aspect constitution (XANES) / S.M.A.M. Bouwens, D.C. Koningsberger, V.H.J. de Beer, and R. Prins --
X-ray absorption close to area constitution (XANES) and prolonged X-ray absorption nice constitution (EXAFS) spectra of Pt-Sn-alumina catalysts / Yong-Xi Li, N.-S. Chiu, W.-H. Lee, S.H. Bauer, and B.H. Davis --
Characterization of catalysts by means of scanning transmission electron microscopy / William M. Targos and Steven A. Bradley --
Characterization of fluid cracking catalysts through imaging secondary-ion mass spectrometry / D.P. Leta and E.L. Kugler --
Microstructural learn of an iron silicate catalyst by means of electron microscopy / Roseann Csencsits and Ronald Gronsky --
Mechanical and actual checking out of catalysts / Ralph J. Bertolacini --
caliber coverage for bought catalysts / F.H. Puls --
Bulk weigh down checking out of catalysts / Steven A. Bradley, Emory Pitzer, and William J. Koves --
Single-pellet overwhelm energy checking out of catalysts / P.K. Brienza --
Attrition- and metal-resistant fluid cracking catalyst ready with alumina powder within the matrix / L.A. Pedersen, J.A. Lowe, and C.K. Matocha, Sr. --
Characterization of catalyst fabrics as reference criteria / Ruth A. Haines.

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And Elliott, J r . S. Patent 3,957,689 (1976). c. Elliott, J r . S. Patent 4,022,714 (1977). R E C E I V E D April 27, 1989 Chapter 4 Relationship Between Structure and Catalytic Performance of Dealuminated Y Zeolites R. L . Cotterman, D . A. Hickson, and M. P. ch004 W. R. Grace and Company, Washington Research Center, Columbia, M D 21044 Dealuminated Y z e o l i t e s which have been prepared by hydrothermal and chemical treatments show differences in c a t a l y t i c performance when tested fresh; however, these differences disappear after the z e o l i t e s have been steamed.

COTTERMAN ET AL. Structure and Performance of Dealuminated Y Zeolites f o r AFS-2 shows an i n c r e a s e i n the Cy-C^Q range w h i c h c o r r e s p o n d s t o h i g h aromatic y i e l d s . ch004 Table VI. Hexadecane C r a c k i n g R e s u l t s f o r C a l c i n e d Z e o l i t e s . 1 Steamed AFS and USY z e o l i t e s g i v e s i m i l a r p r o d u c t s e l e c t i v i t i e s as shown i n T a b l e V I I ( g a s o l i n e s e l e c t i v i t y f o r AFS-1 i s s l i g h t l y l o w e r t h a n f o r the o t h e r z e o l i t e s ) .

The c o r r e s p o n d i n g NMR s p e c t r a f o r Y-2 (not shown) are n e a r l y i d e n t i c a l t o those f o r Y - l . The s p e c t r a o f the a s - s y n t h e s i z e d m a t e r i a l s show the AFS and USY z e o l i t e s p r i o r t o c a l c i n a t i o n . The USY-2 z e o l i t e shows d i s t i n c t d i f f e r e n c e s i n s i l i c o n d i s t r i b u t i o n compared t o the two AFS samples a l t h o u g h b o t h USY and AFS m a t e r i a l s have s i m i l a r framework c o m p o s i t i o n (as e v i d e n c e d by u n i t c e l l s i z e ) .

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