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If you have loved studying our chess books, wait till you might have visible what is in this CD! Everyman Chess are overjoyed so that it will offer you "Play 1 e4 e5!" in a structure excellent for desktop viewing. it will enable you hyperlink to all of the chess video games, observation and textual content from the unique e-book, and replay and have interaction with the strikes simply onscreen. there isn't any doubt that 1...e5 is one in every of Black's highest quality and but competitive methods of assembly 1 e4. it is also real that a few Black gamers are eliminate by way of the probably never-ending variety of adaptations. notwithstanding, right here Nigel Davies offers a whole solution to this perennial challenge through providing a concise and sensible repertoire for the Black participant, while crucially together with a accountable defence to the Ruy Lopez - White's preferred attacking test. Davies is the proper selection for this topic, having been battle-hardened through years of overseas pageant in those openings. It offers a whole defence to one e4. All of White's attempts are coated. It comprises White's major weapon, the Ruy Lopez.

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Bb2 Nd8! Bd3 White's logical pawn lever is c3-c4, trying to eliminate the backward c-pawn. a4?! a5?! Rac1 f6 gave Black an excellent game - he has a very solid position and b5 will fall under his control. Bb1 . a3 Calmly protecting the b4-pawn. Polgar-Bruzon Bautista, Hoogeveen 2001. Nf4 British GM Mark Hebden has had this position on a few occasions. Rc1 Nf4 , which allowed White to retreat the bishop to b1 without shutting in his rook. Bxe5 , and indeed after N6h5!? Ba2 he caught White with Bxf2+!

Nxg4!? The fact that this sacrifice may be Black's best shows how important it is for Black to know what he's doing here. Nf4 1-0. Kxf1 . The resulting position sees White's king much safer and with two minor pieces for a rook and two pawns. Nevertheless I would prefer to play Black. 0-0-0? Qa7! Qxh7 would have been better. Kg1 g3! Kf4 Rd5 0-1. Bc5 In such a complex position it is difficult to know which is best. Bd2 Rdf8 gave Black ongoing compensation for the piece in BlackstockPinter, Budapest 1977.

Kg2 Rh3 etc. d3 A solid move, firmly protecting the e4-pawn while retaining the option of Nbd2. Ultimately White might try to play f2-f4 so that he can erode Black's pawn centre and open the f-file, but in doing so he must be careful not to unleash Black's bishops. Nc4 f6 Black solidly protects the e-pawn and can now try and bring the knight to d4 via c5 and e6. Nh4 White's most direct move, trying to bring the knight to f5 and at the same time freeing the fpawn to advance. Bb2 Nb8! a4 Nc6 is a typical manoeuvre for Black in such positions, bringing the knight in contact with the d4-square.

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