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By Matthew Carr

Blood and religion is a riveting chronicle of the expulsion of Muslims from Spain within the early seventeenth century. In April 1609, King Philip III of Spain signed an edict denouncing the Muslim population of Spain as heretics, traitors, and apostates. Later that 12 months, the complete Muslim inhabitants of Spain was once given 3 days to go away Spanish territory, on hazard of death.In the brutal and worrying exodus that undefined, complete households and groups have been obliged to desert houses and villages the place they'd lived for generations, leaving their estate within the palms in their Christian buddies. by means of 1613, an expected 300,000 Muslims were faraway from Spanish territory.

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Christian chroniclers might depict the Moors as primitive barbarians, yet these assumptions were frequently challenged by the proximity of an Islamic civilization whose achievements surpassed their own. ” With the consolidation of the Reconquista, both the power and the achievements of Moorish Spain were forgotten, and the once-feared Moorish enemy was more likely to be seen as weak, effete, and contemptible rather than threatening. In the late Middle Ages, many Spanish towns and villages staged pageants and festival-dances known as Moors and Christians in which local Christians dressed up as Moors were defeated by Christians in mock battles.

The Muslims gave the name al-Andalus, the land of the Vandals, to the territories they occupied. To Iberian Christians, their conquerors became known as moros, Moors, from the Latin mauri, or maurusci, as the Romans had called the Berbers of North Africa. From the perspective of Latin Christendom, the conquest of Visigothic Spain by infidels was a barely credible catastrophe. 1 Some Christians saw the collapse of the Visigoths as a divine punishment for the moral depravity of Rodrigo and his court.

The Visigothic king Rodrigo was campaigning in the Basque country when he learned of the Muslim presence, and he immediately marched southward at the head of a powerful host whose numbers have been estimated at thirty thousand or more. In July, the two armies clashed on a battlefield somewhere near the Guadalete River in the present-day province of Cádiz. Despite their overwhelming superiority in numbers, the Visigoths were routed and Rodrigo himself was killed, together with most of his leading warriors.

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