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By Thomas Frognall Dibdin

'A ardour for owning books, now not a lot to be steered through them, as to gratify the attention via depending on them': hence is defined 'bibliomania' by means of one of many characters of Thomas Frognall Dibdin (1776-1847), during this funny novel first released in 1809. brought in English on the finish of the eighteenth century, the time period 'bibliomania' - or 'book-madness' - won acceptance with the e-book of Dibdin's eponymous paintings. utilizing the completely revised 1811 version, this reissue brings again to lifestyles Dibdin's bibliomaniac characters and their playful dialogues at the nature and background of publication gathering, and, most significantly, at the hazards of the 'fatal disorder' that's bibliomania, its unusual manifestations - comparable to the 'vellum', 'first edition', and 'unique copies' indicators - and its attainable therapy. the writer of various bibliographical works, Dibdin offers erudite reviews and clarifications to his characters' dialogues in a parallel narrative of footnotes.

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Consider Gesner as the father of bibliography ; and if, at the sale of Malvolio's busts, editions of his excellent abridgment and enlargement of it in 1555 and 1574; but Frisius published it, with great improvements, in 1583, fol, adding many articles, and abridging and omitting many others. Although this latter edition be called the edit. opt. it will be evident that the editio originalis is yet a desideratum in every bibliographical collection. Nor indeed does Frisius's edition take away the necessity of consulting a supplement to Gesner, which appeared at the end of the Bibliotheque Francoise of Du Verdier, 1584.

214,) might have referred us te D2 36 THE CABINET. aware that his majesty is in possession of many valuable books, which are described with great care and accuracy in some of those very catalogues. Lis. The act, upon reflection, was no doubt sufficiently foolish. But why so warm upon the subject ? LYSAND. Let me defend Philemon ; or at least account for his zeal. Just before you came in, he was leading me to give him some account of the RISE AND PROGRESS OF BIBLIOGRAPHY; and was fearful that, from your noted aversion to the subject, you would soon cut asunder the thread of our conversation.

Country, and whose literary and bibliographical publications have secured to them the gratitude of posterity. While the labours of these authors were enriching the republic of literature, and kindling all around a love of valuable and curious books, the Bibliotheca Historica of BoLDUANUS, and the Bibliotheca Classica of DRAUDIUS* highly gratified the generality of readers, and enabled the student to select, with greater care and safety, such editions of authors as were deserving of a place in their libraries.

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