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4 km). – Direct injection of liquid waste into geological rock formations. Many of these options are either not technically feasible or they are now considered environmentally unacceptable and have been banned by international agreement (Nirex, 2002). In the case of LLW and ILW, disposal at sea was carried out by a number of countries including the USA, Japan, Belgium, France, Sweden, Finland, Spain, Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Italy, South Korea and the UK over the period 1949 to 1982.

Ceram. , 91 (2008), 3308–3314. , and Nogués, J. , Heavy metal-rich wastes sequester in mineral phases through a glass-ceramic process, Chemosphere, 68 (2007), 1946–1953. Garland, J. , Atmospheric emissions from the Windscale accident of October 1957, Atmos. , 41 (2007), 3904–3920. , 2 billion year old natural analogs for nuclear waste disposal: the natural nuclear fission reactors in Gabon (Africa), C. R. Physique, 3 (2002), 839–849. , Natural fission reactors in the Franceville basin, Gabon: a review of the conditions and results of a ‘critical event’ in a geological system, Geochim.

As the waste cools and the temperature decreases humidity will increase to around 100% after 104–106 years. Analyses of solutes in pore and seepage water indicate concentrations of many elements including Ca2+, Mg2+, K+, Na+, NH4+, SiO2, Cl−, Br−, F −, HCO3−, NO3−, SO42− and PO43−. As noted by Hadgu et al. (2007) and Peterman and Oliver (2007), radioactive waste canisters will generate significant quantities of heat, and it is important that this generated heat be taken into account in considering the suitability of a repository site.

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