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The basic protocol was extremely simple. A small number of cells taken from the same culture were inoculated into a large number of tubes, generally between 10 and 100, each of which contained sterile medium. The tubes were incubated until the cells had reached the stationary phase of growth, then either aliquots or the entire contents of each tube were placed under selective conditions by spreading them on agar which had been saturated with Tl phage, and the number of resistant colonies was counted.

D. 1976. Molecular Biology of the Gene. 3rd ed. : Benjamin. Wickner, S. 1978. DNA replication pro teins of E. eoli. Annual Review of Biochemistry 47: 1163-1191. , Lecatsas, G. 1979. Genetic recombination in fused spheroplasts of Providenee alealifaciens. Journal of General Microbiology 114: 313-322. E. 1966. A proposal for a uniform nomenclature in bacterial genetics. Genetics 54:61-76. D. 1979. The cell cycle of E. eoli, pp. 11-35. H. ) Developmental Biology of Prokaryotes. Berkeley and Los Angeles: University of California Press.

18. 2: The Laws of Probability and Their Application to Prokaryote Cultures 200 shirts. Unfortunately, 20 of them are grease stained, and he is too befuddled to notice. Assuming that he selects a shirt at random each moming and hangs it back in the closet each night, what is the expectation that the professor will wear a grease-stained shirt on any given day? What is the probability that he will not wear a stained shirt in five days? What is the probability that he will wear exactly one stained shirt in five days?

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