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By Alan L. Titus, Mark A. Loewen

The Grand Staircase-Escalante nationwide Monument is the positioning of 1 of the best-known terrestrial documents for the past due Cretaceous. previous fieldwork proven the richness of the realm, yet a huge attempt all started within the new century has documented over 2,000 new vertebrate fossil websites, supplied new radiometric dates, and pointed out 5 new genera of ceratopsids, new species of hadrosaur, a likely new genus of hypsilophodontid, new pachycephalosaurs and ankylosaurs, numerous types of theropods (including a brand new genus of oviraptor
and a brand new tyrannosaur), plus the main entire specimen of a past due Cretaceous therizinosaur ever gathered from North the US, and lots more and plenty extra. The learn documented during this e-book is rewriting our knowing of past due Cretaceous paleobiogeography and dinosaur phyletics. on the best of the Grand Staircase: The past due Cretaceous of Southern Utah is an important stepping stone towards a complete synthesis of the ecology and evolution of the overdue Cretaceous ecosystems of western North the USA.

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9. Exposures of the Cedar Mountain, Dakota, Tropic, and Straight Cliffs formations north of Big Water, Utah; south-central Kaiparowits Plateau. Cretaceous section rests with mild angular unconformity on the Jurassic Gunsight Butte Member of the Entrada Formation. there may be a substantial diastem within the Wahweap Formation that correlates with the Judith River sea-level fall. As such, the influence of sea level on the third cycle appears to have been pronounced. 5 Ma in Montana (corresponding to the SB2 horizon of Rogers and Brady, 2010 within the Judith River Formation), and deposition of the Kaiparowits Formation is slightly more difficult to establish, but it could certainly be argued, given the dates of the Bearpaw transgression, that the fourth (Kaiparowits) cycle also was influenced by eustasy.

Meek and Hayden (1856) had earlier extended the use of their informal Unit 1, which they later named the Dakota Group, into New Mexico, and it is clear that these authors presumed that the Dakota Formation was the lowest mappable Cretaceous unit throughout most of the United States Western Interior. While it might not be so obvious why a formation with a Nebraska type section should be used in Utah, nearly every study since the Dakota Group was first named has concluded that its use in the Colorado Plateau region is valid.

Four of these macrocycles are present in the Kaiparowits Basin area (Fig. 7), and the lower three can also be recognized on the Paunsaugunt and Markagunt plateaus. The lowest complete cyclic package encompasses the Dakota and Tropic formations and the lower two members of the Straight Cliffs Formation (Tibbet Canyon and Smoky Hollow). The second cycle is entirely within the upper two members of the Straight Cliffs Formation (John Henry and Drip Tank members), the third is the Wahweap Formation in its entirety, and the fourth is the Kaiparowits Formation in its entirety.

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