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By Raymond Keene

For greater than 1 / 4 of a century until eventually his loss of life in 1935, Aron Nimzowitsch used to be regarded as one of many world's major gamers. The major Grandmaster of the Hypermodern college, his video games have been choked with new principles and plans, which have been followed through landmarks in chess literature similar to My process and Chess Praxis. not easy outdated theories, his books are considered as being the easiest educating manuals and feature strongly withstood the attempt of time. Raymond Keene has lined Nimzowitsch's occupation intimately, carrying on with the topics of My approach and drawing on Nimzowitsch's personal notes, which had now not seemed in English earlier than this ebook. a big variety of the Grandmaster's video games are integrated, besides a close research of his impression on glossy commencing play. glossy avid gamers owe a superb debt to Nimzowitsch, whose deep conceptions and masterpieces of positional play have ended in his frequent appreciation because the grasp of making plans.

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35 R x R RxR Agreed to a draw. By the simple 1 3 B-QKt5 1 White would have retained the extra pawn. Now, with pawn equality, Black has the better chances in view of the weak pawn at QB3. 13 . . 1 4 Q-Kt5 Kt x P Kt-R5 White's worries begin over the QBP, while his K-side clearly lags in development. 15 QxQ 1 6 R-Q4 Kt x Q In four moves Bondarevsky has managed to surrender two pawns ! True, after 16 R-Q6 (or R-B 1 ) Black retains superi­ ority, but now White simply remains minus a pawn. 16 . .

The correct move was 22 Kt-R4 42 FOURTH ROUND with a good game. Now the develops a new weakness, and White Knight cannot reach Black's Bishops have fresh QB5 and all White's manoeu­ possibilities. vres have proved to be a waste 26 P-Kt3 PxP of time, while the deterioration 27 P x P K-Rl of the pawn formation (Kt4, 28 K-R l R-KKt l KB4) may have a telling effect Black meets P-B5 with B­ i n certain circumstances. Kt4. 22 . . Q-Q2 29 B-B3 23 P-Kt5 29 R-KKtl is premature. White loses his sangfroid .

B-Q7. The position that arises is a won one. The first esse ntial is to play P-RS. So 60 K t-B3 is the sound reply. If 60 . . , B-BS, the n 6 1 P-R4, B-Kt6 ( 6 1 .. , P-Kt3 ; 62 P-RS). 62 P-RS, B-BS; 63 P-K t6 eh, K -B3 (63 . . , K-B l; 64 Kt-R4 and K t­ BS x P); 64 Kt-KS ! (or 64 Kt-R2) and the threat P-R6 is irresistible . But if 6 0 . . , B-B6, then 61 P-R4, B-Kt7 (6 1 . , P­ Kt3 ; 62 Kt-R2 and Kt-Kt4R6 eh); 62 P-RS, B-B6; 61 Kt-R4 (but not 63 P-K t6 eh , K -K 3); 63 . . , B-Q7 (other­ wise K t-BS x P) ; 64 P-Kt6 eh, K-B 3 ; 65 K t-BSn, K xK t ; 6 6 K x P, K-Kt4 ; 6 7 K,...

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