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By George S Fichter

В книге содержится информация о млекопитающих со всего мира - огромные киты, летающие ночью летучие мыши, медведи, тигры, слоны, обезьяны и более 2 hundred других животных.

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Animals. A golden exploring earth book

В книге содержится информация о млекопитающих со всего мира - огромные киты, летающие ночью летучие мыши, медведи, тигры, слоны, обезьяны и более two hundred других животных.

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They also turned lion bison. The bulls were magnificent, their tough bison hides into garments or shaggy beasts, weighing more than a ton stretched them over poles to make shel­ and measuring six feet tall at the shoul­ ters. The bones, horns, and teeth were ders. Bison were the mainstay of the fashioned into tools, weapons, and orna­ Indians that also lived in this treeless and ments. The dried, pancakelike dung be­ came the "buffalo chips" that were burned for heating and cooking. No part of a killed bison was wasted.

Bachelor bulls stay in groups of their own. The females are already pregnant from the breeding season before, and they soon give birth to their single pup. The burly, boisterous bull guards them, not even taking time to eat until the pups are old enough to put out to sea-in about three months. Alaskan Fur Seal 33 Elephants The giants among present-day land mammals are the elephants. They stand nearly 1 2 feet tall at the shoulders and may weigh as much as six tons. They are so ponderous that they never lie down, even sleeping on their feet.

Their eyes are located at the sides of their head, en­ abling them to detect an enemy's approach 36 from almost any direction. In contrast, the hunter's eyes are at the front of its head, directed forward. All the hoofed mammals fall into one of two groups. One group is the odd-toed hoofed mammals. It is a small group and · includes tapirs, rhinoceroses, and horses. The horse family includes such well­ known animals as zebras, mules, and donkeys. These animals have either one or three toes on each foot, except for tapirs.

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