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The second one variation of Analytical Fluid Dynamics provides an increased and up-to-date remedy of inviscid and laminar viscous compressible flows from a theoretical standpoint. It emphasizes simple assumptions, the actual points of circulate, and the proper formulations of the governing equations for next analytical remedy.

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5 CONSTITUTIVE RELATIONS ↔ ↔ As indicated at the end of the last section, we will relate τ to ε . There are constitutive equations whose coefficients are transport properties. By means of these equations, we express the unique characteristics of a gaseous or liquid substance. , based on experiment although they can be justified for a gas by kinetic theory. ↔ In this section, we derive equations for the viscous stress tensor τ and the heat flux vector q . ↔ For τ , which is discussed first, we utilize a Newtonian fluid assumption, while Fourier’s equation ↔ will be used for the heat flux.

28 Analytical Fluid Dynamics A relation between an open and closed system is obtained by equating V and S with CV and CS, respectively, at a given instant of time. 68) CS where the left side refers to a moving material volume and the right side refers to a fixed control volume, which is an open system. 66) can be written as °∫ ψ w • nˆ ds = S °∫ ( nˆ • w ) ψ ds = S °∫ nˆ • ( w ψ ) ds S where (w ψ) is a dyadic if ψ is a vector. 3. 69b). The integral on the left side is just δv. We thus have Dδv ---------- = Dt ∫ δv ∇ • w dv = °∫ nˆ δs • wds Background Discussion 29 where the divergence theorem is again utilized.

This change increases or decreases the ψ content of V even if ψ is constant. REFERENCES Abramowitz, M. , Handbook of Mathematical Functions, NBS Applied Mathematical Series 55, 1972. , “Note on Hydrodynamics,” Proc. Camb. Philos. Soc. 49, 342 (1953). DeKee, D. and Wissbrun, “Polymer Rheology,” Physics Today, 24–29 (June 1998). S. , Tables of Integrals, Series, and Products, Academic Press, New York, 1980. 1 Consider an unsteady velocity field given by w = a 1 x 3 ˆ| 1 + ( x 1 – a 2 t ) ˆ| 2 + a 3 x 1 ˆ| 3 where the ai are constants.

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