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A entire evaluation of crucial facets of the legislation, meant for the layperson. Now revised and up-to-date to incorporate the recent felony companies invoice.

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All the Law You Should Know

A accomplished assessment of crucial elements of the legislation, meant for the layperson. Now revised and up-to-date to incorporate the hot felony companies invoice.

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To take care of ourselves, we take out life policies, personal accident insurance, health policies, household and all risk policies and so on. To take care of other people we take out liability insurance. This means in case of accidents, there is a form of insurance that can compensate. Quite often, the only loss suffered by the person causing negligence is emotional. The consequences of what has happened stay with him or her for a long time, depending on the nature of the accident. Defences to a claim of negligence Even f it has been established that another person was legally at fault in causing you harm, he or she may have a successful defence to your claim.

Civil cases are those that typically involve breaches of contract, personal injury claims, divorce cases, bankruptcy hearings, debt problems, some employment cases, landlord and tenant disputes and other consumer disputes, such as faulty goods. Criminal cases are those such as offences against the person, theft, damage to property, murder and fraud. These cases, if of a non-serious nature, are heard in the magistrate’s courts. If of a serious nature, then they will be heard in the Crown Court and tried by jury.

All of these authorities maintain highways at public expense and are responsible to those who use them. If the accident was caused by a mains cover or ongoing maintenance and repair, the appropriate organisation to claim from may be the utility company, such as British Telecom. When a local authority may be liable The authority is only responsible for dangers arising from the condition of the highway. Not all accidents in streets are attributable to this. The liability of the highway authority is based on lack of due care.

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