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By Austin Richards

Austin Richards takes readers on a visible travel of the electromagnetic spectrum past the diversity of human sight, utilizing imaging know-how because the capacity to "see" invisible mild. Dozens of colourful pictures and transparent, concise descriptions make this an interesting, available technical publication. Richards explains the sunshine spectrum, together with noticeable mild, and describes the complex imaging applied sciences that permit people to synthesize our personal model of "alien" imaginative and prescient at assorted wavelengths, with functions starting from fireplace battling and legislation enforcement to botany and medication.

the second one variation expands present content material, explores fresh parts of study, and offers new illustrations that exhibit the range of imaginative and prescient during the spectrum

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38. Note the change in the apparent shade of the blue shirt—the cotton and pigments in the dye respond differently as the waveband is shifted from long to short wavelengths. 39 Molnar) 33 SWIR, visible, and near-UV images of the author. (Courtesy of FLIR and Rand like black makeup was applied. But it is just SPF15 sunblock! Sunblock absorbs near-UV light very strongly, protecting the skin underneath. Note the lighter skin around the eyes, on the chest, and in the right ear—these are places where I forgot to apply sunblock!

Courtesy of FLIR) Infrared and Ultraviolet: The Edges of the Rainbow 35 As you might expect, UV light is not transmitted through the atmosphere in the same way as visible light or NIW/SWIR light. Aerosols and particulates in the air tend to absorb and scatter UV. Certain types of air pollution absorb UV light and get converted to other chemicals. Every good film photographer has a 2A haze filter for their camera lenses. These filters protect the lens surface and also reduce UV haze that is especially apparent in landscape photography.

16 254 nm. 17 VIS and NIR images of a cotton shirt showing a GSR pattern. (Courtesy of Heidi Nichols, Miami-Dade County Medical Examiner’s Office) at close range, there is a distinctive pattern of gunshot residue (GSR). This material can be a mixture of burned and unburned smokeless powder, and burnt primer. GSR patterns can be used to match a particular firearm to a victim’s article of clothing. The NIR image (780–1100 nm) shows the ring of GSR because the darkcolored cotton shirt is much more reflective in the NIR band—the dye pigment is essentially transparent, and we see a reflection off the cotton itself.

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