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By Cooper M.

This educational assumes no earlier wisdom of scripting or programming, yet progresses swiftly towards an intermediate/advanced point of guide ...all the whereas sneaking in little snippets of UNIX knowledge and lore. It serves as a textbook, a guide for self-study, and a reference and resource of information on shell scripting recommendations. The workouts and heavily-commented examples invite lively reader participation, less than the idea that the one technique to fairly study scripting is to put in writing scripts.

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02, introduced the "**" exponentiation operator. let "z=5**3" echo "z = $z" # z = 125 % modulo, or mod (returns the remainder of an integer division operation) bash$ echo `expr 5 % 3` 2 This operator finds use in, among other things, generating numbers within a specific range (see Example 9−23 and Example 9−25) and formatting program output (see Example 26−8 and Example Chapter 8. Operations and Related Topics 55 Advanced Bash−Scripting Guide A−7). It can even be used to generate prime numbers, (see Example A−17).

What actually happens here is that the "\" escapes the newline and #+ the effect is variable=echo "$variable" #+ invalid variable assignment variable=\ 23skidoo echo "$variable" # 23skidoo # This works, since the second line #+ is a valid variable assignment. sh: \: command not found # # First escape escapes second one, but the third one is left "naked", #+ with same result as first instance, above. variable=\\\\ echo "$variable" # \\ # Second and fourth escapes escaped. k. Escaping a space can prevent word splitting in a command's argument list.

What would happen if it were removed? # Try removing it, then rerunning the script. 2. File test operators Returns true if... ) −p file is a pipe −h file is a symbolic link −L file is a symbolic link −S file is a socket −t file (descriptor) is associated with a terminal device This test option may be used to check whether the stdin ([ −t 0 ]) or stdout ([ −t 1 ]) in a given script is a terminal. −r file has read permission (for the user running the test) −w file has write permission (for the user running the test) −x file has execute permission (for the user running the test) −g set−group−id (sgid) flag set on file or directory Chapter 7.

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