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By Stephanie M. Crumpton

This publication is ready Black women's look for relationships and encounters that aid therapeutic from intimate and cultural violence. Narratives offer an ethnographic picture of this violence, whereas elevating issues over even if current paradigms for pastoral care and counseling are congruent with what percentage Black girls technique healing.

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Yay. ’ And so, she was there and [name omitted] was there. And he was sitting down in this posture of like, “Oh my God. ” She was like, “So, Cirene, what do you have to say?  (I mean, she believed me and all). ” Of course, he’s going to deny it or whatever. And so, after the incident we had this discussion. She went back upstairs, and I went to the kitchen and I took a knife, and I just started cutting myself. And that was the start of me, kind of, self-mutilation. And, I just started cutting myself from then on.

Tamara was three years old when her older cousin molested her. It was many years later, when she was in college and working at a shelter for battered teenage girls, that the fuzzy edges around these memories sharpened and the molestation came into focus. ” The suppressed memories had been there all along. An alienating sense of shame came along with the clarity that an older cousin had molested her and it created a tension between who she had previously known herself to be, and the image of herself that was taking shape in light of this new awareness.

They responded to this hostility 22 A Womanist Pastoral Theology by seeking out relationships, experiences, encounters, images, and messages that nurtured them, provided practical support, and equipped them to counter social attitudes that normalized violence committed against them. While it is clear that these relationships were lifesaving, I examine how the lifesaving quality of these connections is rooted in the psychological resources they lend to healing from intrapsychic trauma. Chapter 3: “A God I Recognize” examines intimate violence and cultural assault as abuse that impacts Black women spiritually.

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