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By Henk J. Verkuyl

Sentences could pertain to states or techniques or occasions. they could show boundedness, length, repetition, frequency, and plenty of other kinds of temporality. How do they do that? Henk Verkuyl offers the following a thought approximately aspectual houses of sentences in traditional languages. A concept of Aspectuality brings jointly the fruit of his considering at the topic over the last twenty years, and may curiosity all these engaged on element and the semantics of noun words. It supplies to be an immense contribution to our figuring out of the topic.

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5 Analysis of the A-Scribe Dendrogram From these divisions we produce Fig. 4, a dendrogram which we believe to be the most accurate representation of the robust relationships among segments of the A-Scribe text. At the highest-levels of the dendrogram, the text divides into α, a simplicifolious clade that contains only segment C1; and β, which is made up of the rest of the text through line 1887. Clade β divides into two branches, the bifolious γ, containing only segments D1 and G1, and δ, which splits into four-leafed ε and two-leafed ζ.

However, there are times when the distinction between þis and ðis might be relevant to an analysis, in which case consolidation would eliminate potentially useful data. 3 Unfortunately for the present analysis, Beowulf is one case in which consolidated and unconsolidated texts produce dendrograms with significantly differing geometries and so, as discussed below, simple consolidation was not sufficient. Tironian note creates a related but slightly different problem, because it can be expanded to and or ond or kept as an abbreviation.

For instance, none of the treatments of the past wars between the Swedes and Geats are as large as the single continuous Finnsburg episode; instead, these digressions are interspersed with other content in at least three main sections, and the fight with the dragon is divided up into multiple episodes separated by other material, only some of which is part of the main line of the narrative action. Furthermore, most of the more obvious potential sub-sections of this part of the poem are substantially smaller than our minimum segment size.

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