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By Lois Lowry

Thirteen-year-old Meg envies her sister's good looks and recognition. Her emotions don't make it any more uncomplicated for her to deal with Molly's unusual disease and eventual demise.

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It was cruel and unusual punishment to single out this small group of people for a consequence that would be condemned if it were doled out evenhandedly and more widely. Lawyers for the states protested that the Court did not have the role to make laws for the people, which only legislatures in the states could do. If the death penalty was applied in a biased way, the issue was equal protection under the laws under the Fourteenth Amendment and not the legality of capital punishment altogether. Furthermore, the small fraction of executions showed not prejudice but extreme care by judges and juries.

2 percent, or about one in five hundred. Death penalty advocates point to the many processes in place that protect the rights of the defendant in capital cases and work to reduce or reverse death sentences. If any procedural errors from the original trial can be substantiated on appeal, the accused receives a new trial. Summary of Proponents’ Arguments The death penalty is warranted, according to its supporters, for the following reasons: 1. Retribution. To take a moral stance against evil acts, society must punish its worst offenders with death.

A . . human . . ” Sister Helen Prejean, The Death of Innocents. New York: Random House, 2005, pp. 264–65. fense had Atkins evaluated by a psychologist, who found him to be mildly mentally retarded. The majority opinion by Justice John Paul Stevens argued that the main purposes of capital punishment, retribution and deterrence, would not be served by executing mentally retarded individuals. Such defendants could not be held as accountable for their actions as people of normal intelligence, wrote Stevens, and the death penalty had to be eliminated as punishment for them, although other consequences were appropriate.

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