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By Sri Sadhu Om, Michael James

After Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi left the physique in 1950, a lot of Sri Ramana Maharshi's devotees got here to acknowledge Swami Sadhu Om, the writer of this booklet, not just as one of many leading disciples of Sri Ramana Maharshi, but additionally as somebody with the infrequent reward of explaining Sri Ramana Maharshi's teachings in a simple, transparent and straightforward demeanour that may be simply understood and likewise simply practiced by way of all honest seekers of precise Self-knowledge.Thus a lot of Sri Ramana Maharshi's devotees started to strategy Sri Sadhu Om looking explanation of all elements of Sri Ramana Maharshi's teachings. This additionally incorporated between different issues the right kind use of the strategy of Self-inquiry in one's practice.This ebook is set The Essence of non secular perform. This ebook is full of suggestion, suggestions and tips in the direction of how you can make your religious perform, in particular the perform of Self-inquiry, Self-awareness and Self-attention extra effective.Sri Sadhu Om spent 5 years within the corporation of Sri Ramana Maharshi and a long time within the corporation of Sri Muruganar.

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147. Then patient forbearance (udasina) or indifference to mundane happenings, absence of all base qualities, fearlessness, the steadfast power of true love, and all the six exalted divine qualities (bhagavat-gunas) divine splendor, valor, glory, pure knowledge, divine prosperity and desirelessness, will shine in one clearly and harmoniously. The Essence of Spiritual Practice 45 148. After the death of the mind has thus been firmly attained as a result of the fear of the death of the body, since there is no law that the body should die as soon as the mind dies, in the outlook of others the body of the Jivanmukta will continue to live, yet his mind will have died due to the dawn of true knowledge.

When iron is rubbed against a magnet, the magnet turns the atoms of that iron, which were scattered and facing in many directions, and sets them all on a north-south alignment. By thus realigning the atoms in an orderly manner, the magnet transforms the iron into a magnet like itself. Similarly Arunachala, the magnet which is the space of supreme Self-consciousness, turns the mind of a devotee who does pradakshina around it, to face Selfwards and thereby transforms it into Self. Note: Just as the magnetic quality of iron, which is its true nature, does not reveal itself so long as the atoms of that iron are scattered facing in many directions, so Self, which is the true nature of the mind, does not reveal itself so long as the mind is scattered outwards in many directions by worldly The Essence of Spiritual Practice 25 desires.

However, such actions appear to be real only because of the imagination in the mind of the ignorant (ajnani) who sees them; and hence they are merely a deceptive reflection of his own impure mind. 50c. Those who have bad qualities in them will see only bad qualities even in the sage (Jnani). If one could see one's own defects, as clearly as one sees the defects of the others who are in front of one, then would any evil befall one? 16. Sat-Sanga – Association With the Real 51. Our association (sanga) with the reality (sat) alone is true sat-sanga.

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