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She had a sudden thought. "I do believe that the Duke of Villiers may pay Lady Lisette a visit today or tomorrow, Mr. " He turned even paler, if that were possible. "And her aunt's gone visiting! " "Likely a good idea," Eleanor agreed. "Would you mind having my dog brought to my chamber, Mr. " He starting wringing his hands again. "A dog? " "Yes," she said. "My dog. He's a small pug, cream-colored with a black muzzle. " ^ The butler took a step closer. " Eleanor put on her mother's best quelling expression, and Mr.

The maleness of his shoulders. The coiled strength of his body. A sultry warmth spread from her cheeks and flooded down her body. Yet it wasn't the kiss that did it. and in her body. The Duke of Villiers was notorious for his chilly, indifferent eyes, famed for surveying the world from a height defined by his disdain and his title. What she discovered at that moment was a rather terrifying truth: when the duke's cold eyes turned voluptuous, it would be a rare woman who could resist him. She was not one of them.

He raised his head slowly, and met his father's eyes. He had learned long ago to stay silent in awkward situations, so he said nothing. Unfortunately, it seemed his father adhered to the same lesson, and after an uncomfortable moment Tobias couldn't take it any longer. "Ashmole didn't ask me to do an errand for him. " The duke arched an eyebrow. "A blanket carried into the house followed by a missing boy hardly posed much of a conundrum. " Tobias climbed out of the blanket box, pushing the flap back down.

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